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Some (selected by God) in the body of Christ may be set apart for particular service to the LORD but not set 'above' any other child of God.Numbers 8:14-15Numbers 8:14-15Service, Calling, Set Apart
Under previous covenants olive oil was used to anoint one for the LORD's service - whereas today, the Holy Spirit's indwelling brings the anointing in the inner man.2 Kings 9:3,62 Kings 9service, anointing, Holy Spirit
A great leader of God's people may simply be listed among the genealogies (without distinction) after generations have passed.1 Chronicles 7:271 Chronicles 7service, humility, leaders
Christ-followers OUGHT to (1) serve - do whatever for - God only, (2) be supremely devoted to God only, and (3) still be able to work willingly and superiorly for an employer - these are God's priorities for Christ-followers.Daniel 3:16-18Daniel 3:16-18service, employer, devotion
God has people prepared to call into training for service.Mark 1:16-20Mark 1:16-20service, training
When Christ-followers serve others, God will be praised.Mark 2:12Mark 2:12service, Praise God
Those who surrender to and serve the LORD will be honored or rewarded one day by the LORD.John 12:26, 2 Timothy 4:7-8John 12:1-50Service, Surrender, Reward
Christ-followers are to follow Christ's example of serving others.John 13:1-7John 13:1-7service
Disciples of Christ should have the attitude (and practice) of "I want to serve others" and avoid the attitude "I want others to serve me."John 13:13-15John 13:13-15service, disciple, attitudes
The blessing of the LORD is upon all IN CHRIST whose heart atitude remains 'service to all others.'John 13:17John 13:17service, disciple, attitudes
God 'sends' some as mobile or itinerate ministers and others as stationary ministers in fulfilling His assignments or purposes.Acts 21:7-8Acts 21:7-8service, God's will, calling
Some families in Christ are greatly graced by God to have multiple one's in public service to the LORD.Acts 21:9Acts 21:9service, calling, family
Christ-followers are to serve one another in love.Galatians 5:13Galatians 5:13service
Serve with your whole heart as if serving Christ, Himself.Ephesians 6:7Ephesians 6:7service
Necessary qualifications to be a bishop or overseer include (1) above reproach (no accusations that stick), (2) a one-wife husband, (3) abstain from all or immoderate use of wine, (4) sober or sound mind (prudent), (5) well behaved, (6) apt to and skillful in teaching, (7) avoids sitting long at wine, (8) not violent, (9) not loving money (greedy), (10) not covetous, (11) governs his household well (including respect from children), (12) not a novice IN CHRIST (a novice as bishop elicits pride and all that goes with pride), and (13) a good testimony or reputation among those outside the body of Christ.1 Timothy 3:1-71 Timothy 3:1-7service, body of Christ, bishop
Necessary qualifications for a man IN CHRIST to serve the church as a deacon (waiter, servant) include: (1) reverent (respected), (2) not deceitfuil in speech, (3) avoids long time over wine, (4) not eager for sordid (shady) financial gain, (5) holds clearly the message of the Gospel of Christ, (6) has been proven blameless overe time, (7) whose wife is respected (not a false accuser, free from intoxicants, reliable in all things), (8) have one wife, (9) and manages his household well.1 Timothy 3:8-131 Timothy 3:8-13service, body of Christ, deacon
Those who faithfully serve as deacons earn a good standing in the body of Christ.1 Timothy 3:8-131 Timothy 3:8-13service, body of Christ, deacon
The truths and injunctions in 1 Timothy (chapters 1-6) are given as guidelines to the body of Christ in order to know how to carry on as the family of God - the structure of the family of God; who is in charge, their qualifications and functions; the interactions of those within the body of Christ --- all with godliness (piety, revernce for God) at the core in the light of the revelation of Jesus Christ (all that is in that revelation).1 Timothy 3:14-161 Timothy 3:14-16service, body of Christ, godliness
A Spirit-led and Spirit-filled servant of the LORD will not be ashamed of where faithful obedience IN CHRIST takes him.2 Timothy 1:122 Timothy 1:12service, faithful, obedience
Those IN CHRIST who faithfully fulfill their gifting and calling and experience suffering (incarceration, imprisonment) as part of the outcome are not ashamed of Christ nor their obedience BECAUSE they trust the LORD with a deep-heart persuasion that God is faithful to keep, affirm, and reward the faithful service rendered in His name.2 Timothy 1:122 Timothy 1:12service, faithful, obedience
Christ-followers are to serve the living God because of the efficacy of Christ and His shed blood.Hebrews 9:14Hebrews 9:14service
Use the gift(s) God has given to serve others.1 Peter 4:101 Peter 4:10service
Christ-followers are priests in the service of God.Revelation 5:10Revelation 5:10service