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Satan (or his fallen angelic army) inquires and observes to see if one knows EXACTLY what God has said and believes for sure what God has said.Genesis 3:1Genesis 3:1-4Trust God, God's Word, Satan
There are those - when exposed to God's truth - who reject it as they understand it and prepare actions inspired by Satan himself to attempt to thwart God's plans in redeeming the sinful and lost world. Genesis 37:18-20Genesis 37:9-36God's Word, Satan, Truth
Remember, when the Deceiver assures you your privately committed sin is going to be safe (from discovery) the Deceiver is the one giving you the (false) assurance. Genesis 38:25-26Genesis 38:1-30Sins, Deceived, Satan
If sexual seduction does not achieve his purposes, Satan will use a false report in his attempts to thwart God's will being accomplished through a faithful servant of God. Genesis 39:10-20Genesis 39:6-20Satan, Sexual Sins, Spiritual War
Satan often uses a woman with low or no morals to tempt a God-honoring man to commit sexual sins - this, men walking with God must be on 'spiritual watch' (or guard duty) to rightly avoid Satan's 'bait' to commit sexual sins. Genesis 39:6-10, James 1:13-15, Galatians 5:19-21Genesis 39:6-10Satan, Sexual Sins, Spiritual War
God is all about saving lives, while Satan is all about destroying lives (see John 10:10a).Genesis 50:20, John 10:10Genesis 50:4-26God's Purposes, Salvation, Satan
Some unsaved peoples blindly (no real or reasonable reason) fear the multiplication of Christ-followers - therefore, it must be satan's destructive purposes (unseen) moving the unsaved peoples.Exodus 1:10Exodus 1:8-22Fear, Satan, Unsaved
Satan uses the THINGS OF THIS WORLD to dissuade God's servants from paying strict attention to God's Word - offering worldly, temporary prizes for disobeying God.Numbers 22:37, Numbers 22:15-17Numbers 22:15-37Distraction, Satan, Worldly
Those who actively engage in enticing the people of God to sin -deliberately choosing to disobey God - are being used by Satan (doing Satan's work) to damage and destroy lives, and thus, must be identified, stopped, and separated clearly from God's people.Deuteronomy 13:6-11, Genesis 3:13, Proverbs 6:16-19Deuteronomy 13:6-11Destroy, Disobedience, Satan
Satan will offer huge financial rewards to those who will join him in doing damage to God's plan and people.Judges 16:5-18Judges 16:5-18Financial Compensation, Satan, Thwart God's People
Satan and worshippers of his (false gods) love to collect and display trophies of their defeats over God's people.1 Chronicles 10:8-101 Chronicles 10satan, gods, shame
The all-time enemy of God and His people always strives to suppress the Truth, God's Word.Daniel 8:12Daniel 8:1-27Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Satan
God allows or uses Satan's limited exercise of his limited resources; destructive power, deceit, and self-exultation.Daniel 8:23-25Daniel 8:23-25satan, sovereignty, God's ways
The Devil actively tries to destroy lives.Mark 9:19-21Mark 9:19-21satan, Devil, destroy
Satan offers a reward to those who will sin against God.Luke 4:5-11Luke 4:5-11Sin, Satan, Reward Sin
Satan tries time and again to interfere with (1) God's plans and (2) those obeying God's will.John 14:30John 14:28-31God's will, satan, obedience
Satan had no leverage or foothold in Jesus.John 14:30John 14:28-31Jesus, God's will, satan