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Those who dwell in the flesh, apart from intimacy with God, make life-choices based on what they see before them.Genesis 13: 10-11Genesis 13: 10-11Own Sight, Disobedience, Flesh
Leaders (operating in the flesh) of God's people may well resort to hiring (putting out money collected in the LORD's name) men (even unsaved) to solve their problems RATHER THAN turning in humility to God for His righteous help.2 Kings 16:1-92 Kings 16leadership, compromise, flesh
A 'fleshly' perspective and a 'spiritual' perspective or 'kingdom' perspective differ greatly.Mark 8:31-33Mark 8:31-33kingdom, flesh, Spiritual
Those who 'walk in the Spirit' manifest the fruit of the Spirit, while those who walk in the flesh manifest the works of the flesh.Galatians 5:16-23Galatians 5fruit, flesh, walk with God
Those who walk in the Spirit do not fulfill the desires of the flesh - but fulfill the will of God.Galatians 5:16, Ephesians 1:13-14, John 14:23Galatians 5:16Flesh, God's Will, Walk In The Spirit
Christ-followers are to put away or remove - by the indwelling Holy Spirit - fleshly speech and attitudes such as bitterness, wrath (passion or rage), anger (resentment or animosity), clamor, evil speaking (switching right for wrong or calling what God disapproves right), and malice (wickedness, desire to injure, malignity).Ephesians 4:31-32Ephesians 4:31-32attitudes, flesh, speech
Those of us in Christ need to remember we ourselves (especially obvious to those saved as adults) were previously (1) foolish (simpletons, not knowing), (2) disobedient toward God, (3) deceived (wanderers), (4) serving or fulfilling a variety of lusts and pleasures (hedonistic), (5) living in malice (wicked disposition) and envy of others, and (6) hateful (people who even hate good things), even hating one another - this is what we were like before Christ came into our life.Titus 3:3Titus 3:3remember, flesh, transformation
Those IN CHRIST need to remember what they were like before being saved by Christ.Titus 3:3Titus 3:3remember, flesh, transformation