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Faith in God is acting now on what God says as though you can see past or beyond what God says to what He will do.Genesis 13:14-18Genesis 13:14-18Trust God, Believe God, Faith
God knows and acknowledges when people are really trusting Him - taking Him at His Word.Genesis 15:5-6Genesis 15:5-6Faith, God's Word, Those Who Trust God
God may grant to some - early in their life - the grace gift of a fear toward Him with a commitment to godliness and with this grace the experience of being ostracized by an ungodly culture - all in preparation for fruitful ministry ahead.Genesis 37:1-2Genesis 37:1-8Grace, Faith, Idolatrous Culture
So often the fuller revelation or fuller experience of God comes after stepping out in faith - after beginning the journey of obedience.Genesis 46:1-7Genesis 46:1-34Faith, Obedience, Revelation
Those who would be men of faith - taking God at His Word for salvation and all that is in it - are those who (1) receive God's promises, verse 15, (2) remember God's promises, verses 3-4, (3) experience God's promises, verses 11-14, (4) pass on God's promises, verses 15-16, and (5) cling to God's promises, verses 19-22.Genesis 48:1-22Genesis 48:1-22Trust God, Faith, God's Word
The name of the LORD abides in all who are IN CHRIST - following Christ by faith.Deuteronomy 16:11Deuteronomy 16:11Faith, Abide In Christ, In Christ
One's offering to God should not be a cheap, inferior, substitute for a true, heart-level gift of love, faith, and obedience to the LORD.Deuteronomy 17:1-7Deuteronomy 17:1-7Faith, Heart For God, Offering
Don't be afraid of the opposition you will face when carrying out God's will.Deuteronomy 20:1-4Deuteronomy 20:1-4opposition, fear, faith
A servant of God must have active confidence in God to obey in full the strange (speak to an altar) and sometimes dangerous (anger a king) words revealed to him.1 Kings 13:1-101 Kings 13hearing God, faith, obedience
God has set apart all who come to Him in faith.Psalm 4:3Psalm 4:3Set apart, faith
Christ-followers are to do what God says on the basis of trust in God.Psalm 4:5Psalm 4:5Trust God, Faith, Obedience
Christ-followers may make their plans, but trust only the LORD to 'direct his / her steps' to do the LORD's will.Proverbs 16:9Proverbs 16God's will, plans, faith
He who continues to fear / trust God will be satisfied.Proverbs 19:23 also Psalm 16:11Proverbs 19faith, fear God, satisfaction
Faith in God and living in righteousness are linked.Isaiah 10:20-23Isaiah 10:20-23Trust God, righteousness, faith
Those IN CHRIST may speak confidently to those in authority in pagan, idolatrous cultures what God has revealed to them to say.Daniel 2:26-30Daniel 2:26-49Faith, Obedience, Revelation
God gives grace with faith to the humble.Matthew 15:27-28, James 4:6Matthew 15:21-28God's Grace, Faith, Humble
Faith in God moves men to action.Mark 2:3-5Mark 2:3-5faith, Trust God
Those who really believe Jesus - is who He is - humbly approach Him.Mark 5:21-23Mark 5:21-23trust Jesus, faith, humble
Those who truly believe Jesus ask Him to do things impossible.Mark 5:22,23Mark 5:22,23trust Jesus, faith, impossible
Trusting Jesus involves entrusting oneself to Him and what He says He will do.Mark 5:27-29Mark 5:27-29trust Jesus, faith
Folks who express faith in Jesus Christ experience what He wants to do in them.Mark 5:28,29Mark 5:28,29faith, God's will
Believing Jesus is more important than believing the latest news.Mark 5:35,36Mark 5:35,36Believe Jesus, faith
People who lack faith will experience less activity of God.Mark 6:6aMark 6:6faith, unbelief
Faith in God prepares people for what God is going to do.Mark 6:39,40Mark 6:39,40faith, Faith moves
God-honoring faith means 'take God at His Word' - whatever it is God says, you count it as SO.Luke 7:6-10Luke 7:6-10Obedience, Trust God, Faith
Faith in the person and work of Christ results in forgiveness of one sins.Luke 7:36-50Luke 7:36-50forgiveness, faith
Some expressions of genuine heart-faith received by the LORD are quite humble in nature and quite public in expression.Luke 23:42-43Luke 23:42-43Humility, Faith, God Saves
Those IN CHRIST, filled with the Spirit, and doing God's will manifest the glory of God and of His Son.John 2:11John 2:1-25Faith, Obedience, Spirit-filled
Belief in the LORD grows (deepens, increases) as Christ-followers repeatedly experience the LORD - His power, His glory, and His unfolding purposes.John 2:11John 2:11Experience God, Faith, Maturing Process
Being born again or born of the Spirit is a mystical experience - much of which cannot be seen by the eye or even fully understood fully at the outset.John 3:7-8John 3:1-36Born Again, Faith, Spiritual
Christ-followers need to trust God to do bigger-than-possible things to accomplish His will through them.John 6:5-7John 6:1-71Faith, God's Will, God's Work
One's "sin reality" is fully dealt with (from God's perspective) adequately ONLY by believing in one's heart Jesus died as his/her Savior - for payment of the penalty of sins.John 8:24John 8:1-59Atonement, Faith, Salvation
One man's life (heart) - impacting experience with Jesus can be enough to foster faith enough to rebuke the leaders of acceptable religion (who have NO SUCH experience).John 9:30-33John 9:1-41Eternal Life, Faith, Religion
The LORD speaks His will, the Christ-follower believes (acting upon the Word), and then God reveals His glory and power.John 11:40-44John 11:1-57Faith, Glorify God, God's Word
Asking the Father evidences trust - an act of faith believing you are asking acording to God's revealed will.John 14:13-14John 14:13-14ask, faith, prayer
Asking is believing Jesus went to sit at the Father's right hand.John 14:13-14John 14:13-14ask, faith, prayer
Asking is believing Jesus still answers according to what will glorify His Father.John 14:13-14John 14:13-14ask, faith, prayer
Some genuine expressions of faith in the LORD are at depths of experience which by God's grace will increase to greater or deeper faith in the LORD.John 16:29-32John 16:29-33believer, faith
To be walking with God in obedience by faith - experiencing His presence daily - is an awesome and available reality for those IN CHRIST.John 16:32John 16:29-33faith, God's presence, obedience
Some loving, well-meaning Christ-followers try tight arguments and tears to dissuade a Spirit-led Christ-follower from doing what he thoroughly believes - and is yielded to do - the Spirit is leading him to do.Acts 21:13Acts 21:13-14faith, discouragement, Spirit-led
Sanctification (spiritual maturity) comes as a work of the Holy Spirit and involves the same kind of faith (believing God's Word) as does salvation.Galatians 3:3-5Galatians 3faith, sanctification, maturity
The size of one's SHIELD OF FAITH is proportionate to the (1) knowledge / assurance of his / her salvation (place in Christ) and the (2) working knowledge of Scripture (the amount of and ability to apply in life). Ephesians 6:16-17Ephesians 6God's Word, faith, knowledge