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God may speak His will through a spiritual leader to a specific gifted, called individual to get done one aspect of His will for a body of His people.Exodus 38:22Exodus 38:22Calling, Gifts, God Speaks
Some (selected by God) in the body of Christ may be set apart for particular service to the LORD but not set 'above' any other child of God.Numbers 8:14-15Numbers 8:14-15Service, Calling, Set Apart
Spiritual leaders should recognize one another as being unique in God's calling, gifting, guidance, and relationship, and, apart from sin, let each other be.Numbers 12:1-9Numbers 12:1-9Calling, Spiritual Leaders, Unique
It is no small thing that a Christ-follower has an assignment (whatever specific thing that is) from the LORD to carry out in His name and for His purposes.Numbers 16:9-10Numbers 16:9-10Calling, God's Assignment, God's Grace
God chooses out from the mass of His people certain ones He gives specific assignments according to His will.Deuteronomy 10:8Deuteronomy 10:1-9Calling, God Chooses, God's Assignment
A pastor and church are doubly blessed when they raise up disciples, call some into ministry, and (even, optionally) pay them over against a "hired" person from without the church - due to love, loyalty, training, shared vision, and proven life.Deuteronomy 15:16-18Deuteronomy 15:16-18Appointed Ministers, Calling, Disciple-maker
The LORD chooses the one(s) to anoint (mark out) for a ministry assignment in His kingdom - revealing it to the one(s) and / or others.1 Chronicles 11:1-31 Chronicles 11God's ways, calling, anointing
It is an important necessity that Christ-followers 'work the works' God prepared for each of them NOW - not delaying or wasting time.John 9:4, Ephesians 2:10, Philippians 2:13John 9:4God works, calling, opportunity
God 'sends' some as mobile or itinerate ministers and others as stationary ministers in fulfilling His assignments or purposes.Acts 21:7-8Acts 21:7-8service, God's will, calling
The spiritual gift of prophecy has been given to men and women in the body of Christ.Acts 21:9, 1 Corinthians 12:10Acts 21:9prophecy, gifts, calling
Some families in Christ are greatly graced by God to have multiple one's in public service to the LORD.Acts 21:9Acts 21:9service, calling, family
A follower of Christ might be known as a prophet because (1) he prophesies and (2) his prophecies by the Holy Spirit have come to pass.Acts 21:10, Acts 11:28Acts 21:10prophecy, anointing, calling
There is one source of assignment that supersedes all others - our LORD God and Father.Galatians 1:1Galatians 1lordship, calling, will of God