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Christ-followers are not to pursue the world's kind of governance.Deuteronomy 17:14Deuteronomy 17:14-17God's Ways, Leadership, World
The vast majority of the world discourages the Christ-follower by declaring, "Your God cannot help you."Psalm 3:1-2Psalm 3:1-7Discouragement, Idolatrous Culture, World
There is not today a knowledge of God AS HE IS throughout the world.Isaiah 11:6-9Isaiah 11:6-9Knowledge of God, World
Sometimes the world's means of physical healing don't work.Mark 5:25,26Mark 5:25,26Healing, World
Some disciples once faithful to Christ may later turn to love the 'present world' more than the heavenly.2 Timothy 4:102 Timothy 4:8-10Apostasy, Disciples, World