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Treasures for 'Women'

It is not unusual that women be found close to Jesus.Mark 15:40,41Mark 15:40,41Close to Jesus, women
Women IN CHRIST are to do good works, because God desires men saved, God sent Jesus as Mediator, to pay mankind's ransom - dressing modestly and sensibly (avoiding fancy rich jewelry and clothing) to epress their heart toward God (shunning self-centeredness).1 Timothy 2:9-101 Timothy 2:9-10Jesus Christ, body of Christ, women
Women IN CHRIST let their God-ward heart and good works (ordained by God) serve as a platform to collaborate with God in His desire to see all men saved.1 Timothy 2:9-101 Timothy 2:9-10good works, women, salvation
Women in the body of Christ are to learn in quiet and calmness in a mindset of submission while continuing to trust God, love others, behave in a 'set-apart' (IN CHIRST) way while eercising self-restraint - avoiding instruction of or authority over men ( IN CHRIST) in order to be in harmony with Ephesians 5:31-33.1 Timothy 2:11-151 Timothy 2:11-15body of Christ, women, behavior
God's economy involves a structure He put into place - authority & submission; Jesus submits to God; man submits to God; church submits to Christ; and woman submits to man (husband) (See also Ephesians 5).1 Timothy 2:11-151 Timothy 2:11-15authority, body of Christ, women
In an assembly of Christ-followers (men and women) a woman is not to be permitted to exercise the role of teacher or a role of authority (govern over, domineer) over men.1 Timothy 2:11-151 Timothy 2:11-15authority, body of Christ, women