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Treasures for 'Witnessing'

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It is the responsibility of those who know God by experience to tell inquirers who the LORD is and what the LORD has done for them..Deuteronomy 6:20-25, 1 Peter 3:15Deuteronomy 6:20-25Know God, Experience God, Witnessing
It is God’s righteousness that the redeemed gladly declare in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.Psalm 22:13Psalm 22:1-31Gospel, Righteousness, Witnessing
God grants to those IN CHRIST walking in obedience by faith to 'see' those who need Christ and leads them to share the Gospel.John 4:35, John 4:39-41John 4:1-54Gospel, In Christ, Witnessing
The advantage of the Holy Spirit to the faithful follower of Christ is that He will (1) convince (prove) the unsaved they have sinned against God and missed the mark, (2) convince the unsaved (prove) what is right (righteousness) from God's viewpoint, and (3) convince the unsaved (prove) of God's judgment and its sentence.John 16:8-11John 16:8-11conviction, witnessing, Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit will work through the witness of faithful Christ-followers to convince the unsaved of sin (missed the mark), of righteousness (Jesus lived a righteous life), and of divine judgment (satan is sentenced already).John 16:8-11, John 15:27John 16:8-11conviction, witnessing, Holy Spirit