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Treasures for 'Witness'

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When a Christ-follower runs his daily life 'low' on oil (Holy Spirit) and 'high' on flesh (self-energy), his 'light' will be dim at best.Exodus 27:20-21Exodus 27:20-21Testimony, God's Power, Witness
Those IN CHRIST walking in an intimate relationship with the LORD, even in an idolatrous culture, will recognize a God-appointed opportunity, courageously declare God's revelation (Truth), and point gloriously to God as their Source.Daniel 2:24-28Daniel 2:17-28Idolatrous Culture, Intimacy, Witness
Even a relatively forgotten, quite elderly, faithful servant of God in an idolatrous culture may be given an opportunity to speak again for God in public (maybe at the highest level) and by God's grace do so with boldness, truth, revelation, and humility.Daniel 5:22-28Daniel 5:17-31Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Witness
A godly man can be true to God and in life's circumstances serve a leader in a high position in an idolatrous culture - the godly man being of excellent spirit, unquestioned integrity, and faithful execution of his responsibilities.Daniel 6:1-4Daniel 6:1-10Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Witness
How can a God-honoring person carry on and even succeed while living in an idolatrous culture? Answer: this one's life is deeply dedicated to a disciplined prayer life, having a dynamic communion with God.Daniel 6:10Daniel 6:1-10Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Witness
Even if a Christ-follower conforms to his local, idolatrous culture in many external ways (name change, clothing, language, housing, etc), his identify as belonging to God should remain true and known to those in the culture - even over many years (60 plus years in the case of Daniel).Daniel 6:13Daniel 6:8-13Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Witness
Profoundly significant and to be rewarded are those IN CHRIST who point others to Jesus Christ.Daniel 12:3Daniel 12:1-13Gospel, Rewards, Witness
God's assignment may be to bear witness to those in our town or neighboring towns.Mark 5:18-20Mark 5:18-20God's assignment, witness
A changed life speaks volumes to those who knew you best before.Mark 5:18-20Mark 5:18-20Changed life, witness
Sometimes you have to break from popular cultural 'norms' to share the Gospel with one in need of a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.John 4:9-10John 4:1-54Gospel, Witness, Culture
The believer is to actively, consciously establish Christ as LORD.1 Peter 3:151 Peter 3:15teaching, education, witness
Believers need to think through in advance what they would say to one who inquires about salvation in Jesus Christ.1 Peter 3:151 Peter 3:15teaching, education, witness
Believers need to be able to give reasons why they have hope in Jesus Christ.1 Peter 3:151 Peter 3:15teaching, education, witness
The response to one who inquires about Jesus Christ should be with gentleness and respect towards the inquirer.1 Peter 3:151 Peter 3:15teaching, education, witness