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Treasures for 'Without God'

Those without an ongoing relationship with God often may choose to move away from those who have encounters with God.Genesis 36:5-8Genesis 36:5-8Experience God, Relationship With The Lord, Without God
When it 'seems' God delays, prideful spiritual leaders often take matters into their own hands - devising plans of their own (apart from God).Exodus 32:1-33Exodus 32:1-33Without God, Self-centered, Spiritual Leaders
The ungodly or wicked do what they do - persecute poor, greedy, sneer at enemies, murder innocents, abuse the helpless, reject God from their thoughts, full of cursing and deceit, see themselves as immoveable - because they believe they will not give an account of their life to God.Psalm 10:13Psalm 10:1-13Accountable, Final Judgment, Without God
Vast numbers of men and vast amounts of resources cannot produce the purposes of God UNLESS GOD IS IN IT.Psalm 108:12-13Psalm 108:12-13God's Presence, God's Purposes, Without God