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Those who pray according to the will of God see God answer their prayer.Exodus 8:30-32, 1 John 5:14-15Exodus 8:30-32Prayer, Answered Prayer, Will Of God
With God's prophets being given visions of times and events to come - rising and falling nations - which have occurred, we see most clearly God reigns sovereign over time and nations.Daniel 7:1-28Daniel 7:1-28sovereignty, prophecy, will of God
Christ's servants, who upon completion of an assignment or ministry (regardless of apparent magnitude, outcome, or acclaim), should not seek accolades, celebrations, or special compensation - but, simply acknowledge from the heart, "We did our duty unto Christ."Luke 17:10Luke 17:10Faithfulness, Obedience, Will Of God
There is one source of assignment that supersedes all others - our LORD God and Father.Galatians 1:1Galatians 1lordship, calling, will of God