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Treasures for 'Whole Heart'

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Those who wholly (wholeheartedly, diligently) follow the LORD will (1) see the LORD work and (2) see what few others will see.Deuteronomy 1:36Deuteronomy 1:36Experience God, God Works, Whole Heart
Those who humbly and wholeheartedly seek the LORD will (1) know Him more deeply, (2) trust Him to do His will (what is best from His perspective), and (3) experience Him beyond others.1 Samuel 2:1-101 Samuel 2:1-10Humility, Seek God, Whole Heart
Those IN CHRIST, who seek the LORD with their whole heart and live according to His Word and ways, do not commit sin.Psalm 119:1-3Psalm 119:1-3Seek God, Avoid Sinning, Whole Heart
Those IN CHRIST should pursue relating to God with their whole heart - unobstructed, fully devoted heart for God.Psalm 119:1-88Psalm 119:1-88Intimate Relationship, Fully Devoted, Whole Heart
The externally focused religionists are always around to attack Christ-followers for joining with the LORD to put emphasis upon a 'right heart' and 'heart-deep' faith and service.Luke 11:53-58Luke 11:53-58Heart For God, External Religion, Whole Heart
Those who seek God's heart and will wholeheartedly desire God's peace and faithfulness on His people.Romans 12:12, Ephesians 6:18Romans 12:12Peace, Whole Heart, God's Heart