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Treasures for 'Warnings'

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Spiritual leaders must get the attention of God's people to warn them against what God forbids to happen.Deuteronomy 27:9-26Deuteronomy 27:9-26warnings, spiritual leaders
A prudent man 'foresees' and makes appropriate adjustments.Proverbs 27:12Proverbs 27wisdom, warnings, thinking
Those who disobey and teach others to disobey God's Word will be called least in the kingdom.Matthew 5:19aMatthew 5:17-20warnings, Spiritual leadership
Warnings to spiritual leaders and teachers need to come from one whose motive is love (from and for God), a pure heart, clear conscience (no alterior motive), and genuine trust in God.1 Timothy 1:51 Timothy 1:3-5warnings, motive, spiritual leaders
The Holy Spirit has expressly warned the body of Christ that in the LATTER TIMES some in the body will take up a position (doctrinal) away from the faith (Gospel of grace and faith in Jesus Christ) paying full attention to the erroneous teachings brought by demons --- those false teachers will be play acting as they teach erors because their conscience is cauterized (destroying spiritual nerve endings).1 Timothy 4:1-21 Timothy 4:1-2body of Christ, false teachers, warnings