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Treasures for 'Walking With God'

Those called of God and walking intimately with God can depend on God to teach them (reveal to them) what they need to know to do His will.Exodus 4:12-15, John 8:28, John 12:49-50Exodus 4:12-15God Teaches, Walking With God, Intimacy With God
IN CHRIST is a life or walk of victory over foes greater and mightier than one could ever expect to experience on his own.Deuteronomy 7:1-2Deuteronomy 7:1-4Walking With God, In Christ, Victory
Those who walk intimately with the LORD have an understanding and respect for the might and power of the LORD.Psalm 6:1-2Psalm 6:1-2Walking With God, God's Power, Intimacy With God
Those IN CHRIST who would not slip (compromise, sin) humbly trust God daily to enable them to walk in His ways.Psalm 17:5Psalm 17:5Compromise, Those Who Trust God, Walking With God
Those who realize they are recipients of God's mercy should determine to walk "in line with" God's Word.Psalm 26:3Psalm 26:1-5God's Mercy, Obey God, Walking With God
Those IN CHRIST who walk by faith in open communion with God are among the likes of Moses, Aaron, Samuel, and David.Psalm 99:6-8Psalm 99:6-8Walking With God, Family Of God, Intimacy With God
Those who trust in the LORD walk in His ways.Psalm 125:1-5Psalm 125:1-5God's Ways, Walking With God, Those Who Trust God