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Treasures for 'Walk With God'

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Those who walk with God by faith in an otherwise pagan world do so against vast odds, but by grace through faith in the LORD.Genesis 6:8-9, Hebrews 11:7, Ephesians 2:8-9Genesis 6:8-9Trust God, Salvation, Walk With God
Those who walk with God and experience God's victory credit God with the victory.Genesis 14: 18-20Genesis 14: 18-20Victory, Glory To God, Walk With God
Christ-followers are to continuously walk in the Word and ways of the LORD - listening to His voice.Deuteronomy 13:4, Deuteronomy 13:18Deuteronomy 13:1-18God's Ways, Listen To God, Walk With God
Those who walk with God take responsibility for their actions instead of (1) avoiding responsibility or (2) blaming others.1 Samuel 22:22-231 Samuel 22:22-23Blame, Responsibility, Walk With God
God always has a remnant - a group which walks in His ways, a light in darkness.1 Kings 11:361 Kings 11God's ways, remnant, walk with God
Those who walk with God cry out to God in trust when trouble comes.Psalm 22:1-8Psalm 22:1-8Pray, trust, trouble, walk with God
Those who walk with God want others to come to know God intimately.Psalm 22:22-24Psalm 22:22-24Others, know God, intimately, walk with God
Those who are walking in obedience to God by faith will be viewed as taking bold action(s).Proverbs 28:1Proverbs 28boldness, obedience, walk with God
Those who walk with God are not to walk in close fellowship with those who don't walk with God.Isaiah 2:22Isaiah 2:22fellowship, walk with God
Those who walk with God cannot walk with the world - mainstream society.Isaiah 8:11Isaiah 8:11Walk with the world, society, walk with God
Private prayer at inconvenient times is part of a healthy walk with God.Mark 1:35Mark 1:35prayer, private prayer, walk with God
Those who walk in obedience to God will meet all kinds of people along the way.Mark 5:1-5Mark 5:1-5walk with God, obedience
Those who 'walk in the Spirit' manifest the fruit of the Spirit, while those who walk in the flesh manifest the works of the flesh.Galatians 5:16-23Galatians 5fruit, flesh, walk with God