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Treasures for 'Virtues'

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Integrity and contentment are two outstanding virtues to pursue.Proverbs 30:7-9Proverbs 30contentment, virtues, integrity
The Christian life and ministry is about an intimate (experiential) knowledge of the LORD Jesus Christ.2 Peter 1:1-32 Peter 1:1-14virtues
God's Word has been given Christ-followers so they can apply it in life - experiencing and expressing God's nature in them.2 Peter 1:3-42 Peter 1:1-14virtues
Christ-followers are to consciously increase Christ-like virtues as they grow and mature.2 Peter 1:5-82 Peter 1:1-14virtues
Those who increase these virtues in their life of faith will never stumble in life and ministry.2 Peter 1:9-102 Peter 1:1-14virtues
Christ-followers need reminded to increase these virtues in their life.2 Peter 1:11-142 Peter 1:1-14virtues
It is the responsibility of spiritual elders to pass their God-given wisdom on to younger spiritual leaders - the next generation.2 Peter 1:3-142 Peter 1:3-14virtues
Spirit-oriented elders and leaders want the next generation to be even more successful than they in serving the LORD.2 Peter 1:3-142 Peter 1:3-14virtues
Christ-followers can determine in Christ to be useful and fruitful or useless and fruitless.2 Peter 1:82 Peter 1:8-11virtues
Remembering one's spiritual cleansing motivates him or her to increase their faith - what makes them useful and fruitful.2 Peter 1:8-92 Peter 1:8-11virtues
Those who add to their faith these virtues (vv 5-8) will be supplied an abundant entrance into the everlasting kingdom.2 Peter 1:10-112 Peter 1:8-11virtues
Spiritual leaders have a heart obligation to let the next generation know what leads to the greatest outcome as well as what will hinder a great outcome.2 Peter 1:9-112 Peter 1:12-14virtues
It is negligence on the part of a spiritual leader to fail to remind even established Christ-followers of the need to add to their faith.2 Peter 1:12-142 Peter 1:12-14virtues
Spiritual leaders are serving temporarily - death will come. 'Who will lead when you leave?'2 Peter 1:12-142 Peter 1:12-14virtues
Spiritual leaders must always be reminding those they influence to increase these (vv 5-8) virtues in their life of faith.2 Peter 1:12-14 & 5-82 Peter 1:12-14virtues