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Treasures for 'Useful'

God allows each Christ-follower to determine how prepared and useful he or she will be in His kingdom work.2 Timothy 2:19-212 Timothy 2:19-21God's Works, Sanctified, useful
Younger, developing servants of God (spiritual leaders, elders, teachers, apostles, evangelists, prophets, pastors) are to (imperative, injunction, command) aggressively pursue (earnestly, eagerly, continually) (1) obedience by faith what God calls them specifically to do (righteousness), (2) faith - trusting the LORD, (3) love - letting love be present, expressed, and behind (motive) all they do, and (4) peace - operating peacefully, not agitating in life and ministry among the body of Christ.2 Timothy 2:222 Timothy 2:22Spiritual Leader, Training, Useful
Particular disciples are of particular ministry usefulness at particular times.2 Timothy 4:112 Timothy 4:8-13Disciples, Useful