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Treasures for 'Unsaved'

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Some unsaved peoples blindly (no real or reasonable reason) fear the multiplication of Christ-followers - therefore, it must be satan's destructive purposes (unseen) moving the unsaved peoples.Exodus 1:10Exodus 1:8-22Fear, Satan, Unsaved
Those not surrendered to Christ exercise their self-will to create their own religions and religious leaders apart from God.Judges 17:4-13Judges 17:4-13False Religions, Reject Christ, Unsaved
Those outside of Christ who are wealthy, well-positioned in life, and possess the advantages over others so often 'wear pride like a necklace.'Psalm 73:6Psalm 73:1-9Pride, Material Wealth, Unsaved
The unsaved need to be told to turn from their sin toward God in faith to receive the forgiveness of their sin.Matthew 3:2-5Matthew 3:2-5God's Forgiveness, Repentance, Unsaved
Those without a relationship with God often do acts of kindness and mercy in an attempt to appease their guilty conscience.Matthew 27:3-10Matthew 27:3-10Guilt, Guilty Conscience, Unsaved
Those who follow Christ seek the lost to share with them God's saving news in Jesus Christ.Luke 19:10Luke 19:10Gospel, Bear Witness, Unsaved
A disciple maker may go forward knowing there is one among his disciples whose heart is not IN CHRIST.John 13:8-11John 13:8-11disciple, disciple-maker, unsaved
The laws of God (and laws of society) are for those who live contrary to sound doctrine (teaching) which (sound doctrine) starts with the Gospel of grace and continues with the Holy Spirit's englightment of the Bible.1 Timothy 1:8-111 Timothy 1:8-11teaching, laws, unsaved
The teaching of laws and Scriptures about the 'outside limits' of behavior is aimed at the unsaved - outside of Christ - whose ungodly nature is the primary influence of their life.1 Timothy 1:8-101 Timothy 1:8-11Scripture, teaching, unsaved
The peoples of the earth in the last time period before Christ returns can be generally characterized as self-centered, money hungry, boasters, proud, evil speaking, disregarding parents, unthankful, unloving, unforgiving, accusers, unrestrained, brutal, despising good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, pleasure loving, religious, more and more impostors, and deceivers.2 Timothy 3:1-5 132 Timothy 3:1-17Apostasy, Last Days, Unsaved