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God has purposes unique to each one in His family - it is important to know and act on God's purpose for you.Genesis 49:28Genesis 49:1-33God's Purposes, God's Will, Unique
Spiritual leaders should recognize one another as being unique in God's calling, gifting, guidance, and relationship, and, apart from sin, let each other be.Numbers 12:1-9Numbers 12:1-9Calling, Spiritual Leaders, Unique
God uses some servants of His uniquely.Deuteronomy 34:10-12Deuteronomy 34:10-12servants, Unique, spiritual leaders
The leadership of Jesus toward Christ-followers is unique or individualized.John 21:19-23John 21:19-23Christ-followers, God's Will, Unique
Following Jesus can take various Christ-followers various directions according to God's purposes.John 21:19-23John 21:19-23Christ-followers, God's Will, Unique