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Treasures for 'Understanding'

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Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding are found IN THE LORD and in knowing the LORD.Proverbs 9:10Proverbs 9wisdom, understanding, knowledge
Those who have spiritual understanding seek (from the heart) to gain knowledge.Proverbs 15:14Proverbs 15understanding, seek God, heart
A man with God's understanding / knowledge is of a calm spirit, holding his peace.Proverbs 17:27-28Proverbs 17understanding, impulsive, quiet
Understanding the Word of God is a gift from God.Daniel 9:22Daniel 9:22grace, God's Word, understanding
God seals some prophecies from full understanding UNTIL a time He chooses to open the understanding of the redeemed (the unsaved lacking understanding).Daniel 12:3-10Daniel 12:1-13God's Timing, Prophecies, Understanding
God gives understanding to some while others do not understand parables.Mark 4:10-12Mark 4:10-12parables, stories, understanding
Understanding the things of God is not a matter of intellectual prowess.Mark 4:10-12Mark 4:10-12Things of God, understanding
The LORD will say to us all that is possible for us to understand.Mark 4:33-34Mark 4:33-34understanding, God speaks
Understanding the Scriptures is a ministry of the Holy SpiritMark 12:26,27, 1 Corinthians 2:10-14Mark 12:26,27understanding, Scriptures, Holy Spirit
There are times in the relationship of a disciple maker and disciple wherein the disciple does not understand at the time the words or actions of the disciple maker - understanding will come later.John 13:7John 13:7disciple-maker, disciple, understanding