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Treasures for 'Truth'

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There are those - when exposed to God's truth - who reject it as they understand it and prepare actions inspired by Satan himself to attempt to thwart God's plans in redeeming the sinful and lost world. Genesis 37:18-20Genesis 37:9-36God's Word, Satan, Truth
Those faithful to and in close relationship with God in an idolatrous culture recognize and take opportunity to speak truth about God.Genesis 41:15-16Genesis 41:1-37Truth, Faithful, Idolatrous Culture
Those pursing God's heart seek to be truth-speakers - void of deceit.Psalm 120:2Psalm 120:2Integrity, Seek God, Truth
Idol-worshipping national leaders can be brought by God to a place of making bold, glorifying, and true statements about God and His character.Daniel 3:28-29Daniel 3:26-30Glorify God, God's Character, Truth
God's Word is the Scripture of Truth.Daniel 10:21Daniel 10:10-21Truth, God's Word, Bible
Jesus speaks the truth regardless of the circumstances.Mark 5:39Mark 5:39Jesus, truth
There is a time to boldly state the truth regardless of the audience.Mark 14:60-62Mark 14:60-62Bold, truth
What some say in jest may be absolute truth.Mark 15:26Mark 15:26Jest, truth
Some teachings of God's truth will seem radical in so many ways to both insiders and outsiders - until God's Spirit grants comprehension.John 3:3-7John 3:1-36Truth, God's Word, Revelation
Christ-followers can know the truth from God's viewpoint because the Spirit of Truth resides in each one.John 14:17John 14:15-20truth, help, Holy Spirit
For those IN CHRIST, the Holy Spirit (Spirit of Truth) WILL AS A MATTER OF FACT (1) guide them into all truth, (2) speak to Christ-followers what God tells Him, (3) tell them things to come, and (4) glorify Jesus by taking from all that is of Christ and revealing (declaring, reporting) it to them - the latter repeated twice back to back for emphasis.John 16:12-15John 16:12-15truth, Christ-followers, Holy Spirit
Sometimes a disciple maker speaks to his disciples in figuratevely about a spiritual truth; other times speaks spiritual truths plainly (freedom of speech).John 16:25John 16:25disciple, disciple-maker, truth
Those outside of Christ (unsaved) often question or scoff at the reality of truth - especially God's truth.John 18:37-38John 18:37-38Truth, Unbelievers, God's Truth
A Spirit-filled servant will speak truth out of his authority (assigned-by-God role) with humility, with love, and with gentleness for the edification of the body of Christ.2 Corinthians 12:1-192 Corinthians 12truth, Spirit-filled, edify
Those IN CHRIST with a proclamation gift are to teach no other (no variation) doctrine than (1) God desires all men to be saved, (2) the saved to increasingly know Divine truth, (3) truth of which there is one indeed God, (4) there is one Mediator (Jesus Christ) between God and men, (5) THIS JESUS gave Himself a ransom for all (ransom being what is given in exchange for another as the price of his redemption), (6) the giving of Himself testified to or attested to at the proper time - THIS DOCTRINE is the truth we IN CHRIST proclaim, carry to others, speak, and teach.1 Timothy 2:5-7, 1 Timothy 1:31 Timothy 2:5-7gospel, truth, doctrine
Those IN CHRIST need to know (and act on) the whole of what God says about a matter - knowing His Word thoroughly, believing the Word, and living according to the Word.1 Timothy 4:1-51 Timothy 4:1-5God's Word, truth, obedience
All the time, but more so in a day in which heresies and apostacy abound, a spiritual leader insists to his protégé to "exercise unbroken vigilence" on the teachings of God's Word as has been entrusted to you - avoiding (1) common, empty babling and (2) opposing ideas (falsely named knowledge) BECAUSE some have deviated from "truth faith teaching."1 Timothy 6:20-211 Timothy 6:20-21spiritual leaders, God's Word, truth
Spiritual leaders declare to those they influence, meticulously guard what teaching of God's truth has been entrusted to you and avoid deviating from the truth.1 Timothy 6:20-211 Timothy 6:20-21spiritual leaders, God's Word, truth
Those we teach to teach others must keep teaching God's Word correctly (straight) and directly.2 Timothy 2:14-182 Timothy 2:14-18God's Word, Truth, training