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Treasures for 'Trust'

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God's people working among an idolatrous culture can and should build a reputation of trust and integrity - standing out as such.Genesis 50:4-6Genesis 50:4-26God's Servants, Idolatrous Culture, Trust
The huge, seemingly impossible (to meet) need is a simple matter in the sight of the LORD.2 Kings 3:15-192 Kings 3need, trust, provider
Trust in the LORD sends away the doers of evil.Psalm 6:8Psalm 6:8Trust the Lord, evil, trust
Trust is NOT to be in human or material means.Psalm 20:7Psalm 20:7trust, Not human
Riches, honor, and life come by humility before God and trust in God.Proverbs 22:4Proverbs 22blessed, humility, trust
Avoid trusting in / counting on money because money makes itself wings and flies away like an eagle (out of reach).Proverbs 23:5Proverbs 23money, self-sufficient, trust
Regardless of the time period in which one lives, followers of Christ can know God and His Word transcend 'times' due to (1) He is LORD of all and (2) He will send Jesus Christ to rule and reign over the kingdom He has built - of which all Christ-followers are part.Daniel 7:9-14Daniel 7:1-14God's Word, Trust, Return of Christ
God wants more people to simply and entirely trust Him and trust Jesus Christ.Mark 9:23-25Mark 9:23-25trust Jesus, trust, Trust God
Unbelievers need to trust God to save them through His Word regarding Jesus' death and resurrection.John 6:26-29John 6:1-71God's Word, Salvation, Trust
Jesus often calls for and elicits trust / belief from His followers - not just once at salvation.John 11:25-27, John 11:40John 11:1-57Believe, Trust, God's Will
Some prophesies of danger and trouble ahead are not meant to scare us or turn us away, but to prepare us (all concerned) - putting our trust in the LORD enabling us to go forward in obedience.Acts 21:11-12Acts 21:11-12prophecy, trust, obedience
Those IN CHRIST who are rich with many resources are to avoid (1) self-exaltation and (2) trusting in earthly riches which have no value in heaven.1 Timothy 6:171 Timothy 6:17-19pride, trust, riches