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Treasures for 'Transformation'

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God many times prepares and transforms His chosen one(s) before a mighty work through them.Genesis 17:9-16Genesis 17:9-16God Is Sovereign, God Works, Transformation
An entire (even world-impacting, wealthy) nation can go through huge socio-economic and political transformation in less than seven years.Genesis 47:13-26Genesis 47:13-26Change, Nations, Transformation
Realization of one's sinfulness and public acknowledgement of that sinfulness combine as a strong step toward righteous life-change.1 Samuel 24:15-191 Samuel 24:1-22Confession, Sinfulness, Transformation
Christ can transform a crude fisherman of fish into a loving shepherd of His sheep (Christ-followers).John 21:15-17John 21:1-25Christ-followers, Transformation, Made New
Christ-followers are to beware of those pretending (aware or unaware) to be Christ-followers or pretending to be religious but deny and oppose by life and message the transforming, miraculous power of God - trying to deceive the simple among Christ's disciples and religious people with a counterfeit message and power in order to undercut God's Truth and power.2 Timothy 3:5-92 Timothy 3:5-9Transformation, Warning, pretenders
Those of us in Christ need to remember we ourselves (especially obvious to those saved as adults) were previously (1) foolish (simpletons, not knowing), (2) disobedient toward God, (3) deceived (wanderers), (4) serving or fulfilling a variety of lusts and pleasures (hedonistic), (5) living in malice (wicked disposition) and envy of others, and (6) hateful (people who even hate good things), even hating one another - this is what we were like before Christ came into our life.Titus 3:3Titus 3:3remember, flesh, transformation
Those IN CHRIST need to remember what they were like before being saved by Christ.Titus 3:3Titus 3:3remember, flesh, transformation