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A pastor and spiritual leader must teach and train able Christ-followers in God's Word to share in the spiritual oversight of an assembly of Christ-followers.Exodus 18:20-21Exodus 18:13-26Spiritual Leaders, Teach Others, Training
God has people prepared to call into training for service.Mark 1:16-20Mark 1:16-20service, training
Mentors send those they mentor into ministry situations.Mark 6:7-11Mark 6:7-11training, disciples, mentor
Ministers in training might function best ministering in pairs.Mark 6:7-11Mark 6:7-11training, ministers, disciples
Instructions to early or novice learners will likely vary from those given to experienced ministers.Mark 6:7-11Mark 6:7-11training, novice, disciples
It is vitally important to hear from God, do God's Word, and minister OUT OF what God says - passing it on to others.John 17:8, John 17:20John 17:1-20God's Word, Disciple-maker, Training
Spiritual training leading to godliness is beneficial to all of one's life.1 Timothy 4:6-81 Timothy 4:6-11training, beneficial, godliness
Spiritual leaders must be spiritually training at the same time they are spiritually training those they influence - spending time in God's gymnasium.1 Timothy 4:6-81 Timothy 4:6-11training, teaching, spiritual leaders
A seasoned spiritual leader would advise a novice spiritual leader to (1) be a good pattern to (1) not allow his youthfulness or inexperience to interfere, (2) be a good pattern to follow I nthe way you talk, carry on your life, sacrifically love others, trust God, and live purely (sinlessness), (3) devote youself without limits to personal and public reading of Scripture, to exhort and urge others by the Word, and to teaching others the Word (exercising the gift given you), (4) ponder, cultivate, and practice these things (that others see you maturing), and (5) continually review yourself (personality, who you are) and your teaching.1 Timothy 4:12-161 Timothy 4:12-16training, teaching, spiritual leaders
A spiritual leader spiritually raising up team members and future leaders (1) greatly desires to spend face time with them, (2) is mindful of their challenging experiences and hardships, and (3) engages in sending them sincere words of encouragement which can contribute to a more sound foundation in ministry.2 Timothy 1:3-52 Timothy 1:3-5training, spiritual leaders, disciples
A spiritual leader with a deep-heart commitment to his team members - especially proteges - will likely be the one remembering them by name and by specific petitions night and day.2 Timothy 1:32 Timothy 1:3-5training, spiritual leaders, disciples
What do you say or do as a disciple maker or mentor when you see or hear something that leads you to believe one of your best disciples or protégés has started holding back on exercising their God-given spiritual gift(s) (timidity is setting in)? Answer: The spiritual leader (1) prays intensely for the disciple, (2) reminds the disciples of the gifting you so strongly believe is present, (3) enocurage the disciple to put that gift(s) into use in the kingdom, (4) remind the disciple of God's certain supply of God-given ability (power), love, and sound (balanced, controlled) mind available in applying the gift(s) and (5) exhort your disciple to not be ashamed to face sufferings or persecutions due to serving Christ - God will enable you.2 Timothy 1:6-92 Timothy 1:6-9training, spiritual leaders, disciples
In teaching of faithful Christ-followers who are able to teach others, note these things: (1) don't wrangle or strive about empty and trifling matters - such ruins and destroys hearers, (2) eagerly, diligently, and passionately teach the truth of God correctly (from word meaning 'to cut straight') and directly, and (3) avoid teaching unhallowed, common, or worldly teachings - such will increase ungodly living among hearers.2 Timothy 2:14-182 Timothy 2:14-18God's Word, Teach, training
Those we teach to teach others must keep teaching God's Word correctly (straight) and directly.2 Timothy 2:14-182 Timothy 2:14-18God's Word, Truth, training
Younger, developing servants of God (spiritual leaders, elders, teachers, apostles, evangelists, prophets, pastors) are to (imperative, injunction, command) aggressively pursue (earnestly, eagerly, continually) (1) obedience by faith what God calls them specifically to do (righteousness), (2) faith - trusting the LORD, (3) love - letting love be present, expressed, and behind (motive) all they do, and (4) peace - operating peacefully, not agitating in life and ministry among the body of Christ.2 Timothy 2:222 Timothy 2:22Spiritual Leader, Training, Useful
All of Holy Scripture (Bible) is God-inspired (breathed) and profitable - for teaching, reproof, correction, instruction in righteousness- SO THAT a servant of God is thoroughly equipped for every God-assigned work.2 Timothy 2:16-172 Timothy 3:14-17God's Word, Ministry, Training
To "preach the Word" involves public proclamation with patience and teaching (explaining) to convince, rebuke, and exhort (to call close beside).2 Timothy 4:1-22 Timothy 4:1-2God's Word, Ministry, Training
A servant of God with a proclamation gifting (apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher) needs to always be ready at God-revealed opportunities to exercise - to the full - the gift of God.2 Timothy 4:1-22 Timothy 4:1-2God's Word, Training
The body of Christ urgently needs men to proclaim with patience and teaching (explanation) God's Word.2 Timothy 4:1-22 Timothy 4:1-2God's Word, Ministry, Training