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Treasures for 'Time'

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Some aspirations in life require a long-term investment - years of endeavor to achieve them.Genesis 29:20-30, Genesis 30:22-23Genesis 29:20-30Time, Investment, Long-Term
Isn't the careless abuse of time a theft (especially time owed an employer) from one's self or from God who gave it?Deuteronomy 5:19Deuteronomy 5:19Stewardship, Time, Theft
A Christ-follower should commit his days - his time on earth - into God's sovereign, powerful hands.Psalm 31:5, Psalm 31:15Psalm 31:5-15Time, Stewardship, Surrender To God
Those who value (maximize) their days (realizing the brevity of days) gain a heart of wisdom.Psalm 90:12Psalm 90:12Time, Wisdom, Time Useage
Make wise use of time and resources - including strong work ethic and putting aside a 'savings' for the future.Proverbs 10:5Proverbs 10work, time, saving
Disciples need to spend time with the one discipling them.Mark 6:1Mark 6:1disciples, spiritual leaders, time
It is important to spend time in God's Word.Mark 9:13Mark 9:13God's Word, time
Undistracted time between disciples and leaders is critical.Mark 9:30,31Mark 9:30,31time, disciples, spiritual leaders