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Treasures for 'Those Who Trust God'

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Those who would see the outcome of what God says are those who act today on what God says.Genesis 12:1-5Genesis 12:1-5God Speaks, Immediate Obedience, Those Who Trust God
God knows and acknowledges when people are really trusting Him - taking Him at His Word.Genesis 15:5-6Genesis 15:5-6Faith, God's Word, Those Who Trust God
The Jewish Old Testament sacrifices which temporarily covered sin repeatedly pictured for the rich, middle, and poor classes the once-for-all atonement in Jesus Christ to take away sin's penalty for all who believe (trust in and rely upon God).Leviticus 1:1-17Leviticus 1:1-17Atonement, Those Who Trust God, Christ's Sacrifice
God exercises His sovereign powers and righteous discretion to grant an increase in available resources for Christ-followers walking in faith toward Him.Leviticus 25:20-22Leviticus 25:20-22Increase, God Is Sovereign, Those Who Trust God
On how differently those spiritual leaders react who actively trust God as opposed to those who don't believe God is able to do what He says - the former see God working His word.Numbers 13:30-31Numbers 13:30-31Unbelief, Spiritual Leaders, Those Who Trust God
Christ-followers offer Christ and His peace - when believed on, all are brothers.Deuteronomy 20:9-11Deuteronomy 20:9-15Believe God, Gospel, Those Who Trust God
Those sent by God "behind enemy lines" for His purposes must go by faith and interact - using the wisdom of the Spirit - with those they encounter.Joshua 2:1-24Joshua 2:1-24Faithful Witness, Those Who Trust God, Wisdom
God's works today are so that Christ-followers can and will trust and obey what God says tomorrow.Joshua 3:9-10Joshua 3:9-10Reflect On God's Works, Those Who Trust God, Obedience by Faith
God's mercy and salvation are shown all those who put their trust in God and His Word.Joshua 6:22-25Joshua 6:22-25God's Word, Salvation, Those Who Trust God
Some are old in years and still strong in body as well as in faith toward God and still trust God to work mightily through them.Joshua 14:12Joshua 14:12Old Age, Strong, Those Who Trust God
To be a Christ-follower is to do by faith what the LORD says - practice the teachings of Jesus Christ.1 Samuel 15:11, Matthew 28:201 Samuel 15:11Make Disciples, Obey Jesus, Those Who Trust God
Those with a heart for God and trust in God let God avenge their enemies.2 Samuel 3:27-392 Samuel 3:27-39Enemies, Avenge, Those Who Trust God
Those who humbly trust in God will find Him a Refuge in troubled places and troubled times.Psalm 9:9-10Psalm 9:9-10Humble, Refuge, Those Who Trust God
God's will is that He be a Refuge for His righteous children who trust in Him.Psalm 14:10-13Psalm 14:1-7God's Will, Refuge, Those Who Trust God
Those IN CHRIST who would not slip (compromise, sin) humbly trust God daily to enable them to walk in His ways.Psalm 17:5Psalm 17:5Compromise, Those Who Trust God, Walking With God
God's way is perfect - so, when we walk by the Spirit in God's way, our way is perfect.Psalm 18:30-32Psalm 18:30-32God's Ways, Those Who Trust God, Walk In The Spirit
Those who trust in God experience God through prayer and deliverance.Psalm 34:4-7Psalm 34:1-4Those who Trust God
Those who trust in God are blessed - having their needs met by God.Psalm 34:8-10Psalm 34:1-4Those who Trust God
Those who walk with the LORD in humble submission and trust know the LORD's presence and deliverance.Psalm 34:1-22Psalm 34:1-22Deliverance, Submissive, Those Who Trust God
Those who trust in God praise God, boast in God, and exalt God.Psalm 34:1-3Psalm 34:1-14Those who Trust God
Those who trust in God minister to others through doing good and pursuing peace among them.Psalm 34:11-14Psalm 34:1-4Those who Trust God
Only God, apart from all earthly means, can and will redeem those who trust in Him - wealthy cannot obtain favor from God.Psalm 49:1-9, Psalm 49:15, Matthew 19:23-26Psalm 49:1-15God's Grace, Material Wealth, Those Who Trust God
Those who trust in God and experience His mercy fellowship together and encourage one another.Psalm 52:8-9Psalm 52:8-9Encouragement, Fellowship, Those Who Trust God
Power and mercy belong to God - therefore, call to God when in need of deliverance.Psalm 62:11-12Psalm 62:11-12Experience Deliverance, God's Character, Those Who Trust God
The righteous IN CHRIST - doing God's will by faith - overcome fear of their enemies because of their trust in God.Psalm 64:1-10, Psalm 64:1Psalm 64:1-10Enemies, Righteous, Those Who Trust God
Peace is found in the heart of those who know Christ, hear the LORD, and trust Him accordingly.Psalm 85:8, Romans 5:1, Philipians 4:7Psalm 85:8Peace, Hearing God, Those Who Trust God
The LORD has helped and comforted me up until now and I can trust Him to do so now.Psalm 86:17Psalm 86:17God Helps, God Is Faithful, Those Who Trust God
The self-reliant and self-satisfied often look down on or scorn those who truly trust the LORD.Psalm 123:3-4Psalm 123:3-4Despise, Satisfied, Those Who Trust God
Those who trust in the LORD walk in His ways.Psalm 125:1-5Psalm 125:1-5God's Ways, Walking With God, Those Who Trust God
In the mercy of God, those who trust on His name (taking God at His Word) have found He offers abundant redemption.Psalm 130:7Psalm 130:7Experience God, Redemption, Those Who Trust God
It is the Spirit of God who manifests the presence of God and power of God in a Christ-follower walking in obedience by faith in God.Matthew 12:28-29Matthew 12:28-29Experience God, Holy Spirit, Those Who Trust God
Those who pass through physical death IN CHRIST - trusting the LORD - live!Luke 20:37-38Luke 20:37-38Death, Eternal Life, Those Who Trust God
The key to life - eternal life - is believing on, trusting in, or relying upon Jesus, the Son of God, as Savior.John 3:1-36John 3:1-36Believe, Eternal Life, Those Who Trust God
Those who take God at His Word and trust in Jesus Christ have passed from being lifeless to possessing everlasting life - LIFE IN CHIRST.John 5:24John 5:23-24Eternal Life, Receptive To God's Word, Those Who Trust God
The WORK (the ACTION) called for by the LORD wherein one will find and experience the fullness of life, now and forever, is BELIEVE what God says!John 6:27-29John 6:27-29Abundant Life, Receptive To God's Word, Those Who Trust God
Under the leading of the Holy Spirit, there is a time to advance forward (even) in the face of (what has been revealed to you) severe threat of arrest by authorities.Acts 21:7-14Acts 21:7-14Opposition, Spirit-led, Those Who Trust God
All who believe on the LORD Jesus Christ are justified in God's eyes - declared to have the righteousness of God attributed to them.Romans 3:24-28Romans 3:24-28Justify, Righteousness, Those Who Trust God
Jesus Christ is the Stumbling Stone over which some will stumble and fall while others trust on Him and are saved.Romans 9:30-33Romans 9:30-33Jesus Christ, Saved, Those Who Trust God
Real, life-impacting joy and peace are by-products of trusting God - of walking by faith in God.Romans 15:13Romans 15:13Joy, Peace, Those Who Trust God