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Treasures for 'Testimony'

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When a Christ-follower runs his daily life 'low' on oil (Holy Spirit) and 'high' on flesh (self-energy), his 'light' will be dim at best.Exodus 27:20-21Exodus 27:20-21Testimony, God's Power, Witness
Those who walk in intimacy with the LORD are like the sun shinning at noon - shine forth the glory of the LORD who dwells within them.Judges 5:31, John 10:10, John 14:21 and 23Judges 5:31Testimony, Intimacy With God, Indwelling Spirit
I pray that God's activity (work) in my life is a witness (testimony) or message to those who know me - "the LORD has done this work."Psalm 109:26-27Psalm 109:26-27Testimony, God Works, Reflect On God's Works
Healing can come in privacy, but God wants a public testimony.Mark 5:30-33Mark 5:30-33Healing, testimony
People who receive God's mercy and grace find it VERY DIFFICULT not to tell others about what God did.Mark 7:36,37Mark 7:36,37God's mercy, testimony, God's grace
The works of God in and through Christ followers are evidence we are sent or commissioned by God to do those works in His name and by His power.John 10:37-38John 10:25-38God works, works, testimony
The testimony of a sacrificial, generous, mercy-offering in one assembly can be used by God to stir up other assemblies to join the mercy-offering.2 Corinthians 9:1-152 Corinthians 9giving, mercy, testimony