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Treasures for 'Surrender To God'

The ideal relationship between one through whom God will work and God Himself is a relationship of submission - humble one's self to the LORD.Genesis 17:1-4Genesis 17:1-4Humility, Submission, Surrender To God
To be skilled in a needful area is one thing, but to have a 'stirring' in one's heart (inner man) to exercise that skill unto the LORD is another thing.Exodus 36:1-2Exodus 36:1-2Offering, Surrender To God, Skill
Those IN CHRIST surrender to the LORD their ears (what they hear), hands (what they do), and their feet (where they go) as His instruments for His purposes.Leviticus 8:22-23Leviticus 8:22-23God's Purposes, Serve God, Surrender To God
God is always open to Christ-followers offering themselves freely and holy out of gratitude to do His will.Leviticus 22:29Leviticus 22:29Freewill Offering, Gratitude, Surrender To God
A devoted (to the LORD) offering cannot be (1) taken back, (2) sold, or (3) redeemed because it is most holy to the LORD - even as it applies to the offering of one's self in Romans 12:1.Leviticus 27:28Leviticus 27:28Fully Devoted, Offering, Surrender To God
The offering we offer the LORD should be the best of our best-to-Him first.Numbers 18:29-32Numbers 18:29-32Offerings, Priorities, Surrender To God
Those who would experience the abundant life in Christ - experiencing God and what only God can do - are those who (1) obey God, (2) love God, and (3) trust God.Deuteronomy 11:22-25Deuteronomy 11:22-32Abundant Life, Obedience, Surrender to God
A Christ-follower should commit his days - his time on earth - into God's sovereign, powerful hands.Psalm 31:5, Psalm 31:15Psalm 31:5-15Time, Stewardship, Surrender To God
The steps of one in right relationship with God (saved, surrendered, trusting) are ordered (designed, orchestrated) by the LORD - Who delights in executing His will.Psalm 37:23Psalm 37:23God Leads, God Directs, Surrender To God
Those who set themselves to seek God's heart and God's will put God first before themselves.Psalm 132:1-5, Luke 9:23Psalm 132:1-5God's Will, Seek God, Surrender To God