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Treasures for 'Surrender'

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Devotion to the LORD is to be singular (no other gods) and supreme.Deuteronomy 5:4-9Deuteronomy 5:1-10Love God, Fully Devoted, Surrender
Oh that those who name God's name today had a responsive, submissive heart toward God to do what He says.Deuteronomy 5:29Deuteronomy 5:22-33Listen To God, Obedience, Surrender
God will care for those who surrender to Him.Isaiah 1:19Isaiah 1:19surrender, God cares
The LORD may lead a small group of fully of fully dedicated followers surrounded by an idolatrous culture to engage in a corporate prayer and fasting event. Daniel 10:7-8Daniel 10:1-12Prayer, Idolatrous Culture, Surrender
Those who surrender to the LORD will receive His blessing.Mark 5:33,34Mark 5:33,34surrender, God's will, God's blessings
To follow Jesus involves a yielding or surrender of one's own desires to the purpose and plan of Jesus.Mark 8:34-38Mark 8:34-38surrender, disciple, yield
God-honoring morality apart from surrender to and following after Christ is insufficient to inherit eternal lifeMark 10:17-27Mark 10:17-27Eternal Life, Surrender
Intense, heart-generated prayer with an absolute surrender to God's will is the LORD's way to experience victory over temptation and the doing of His will.Mark 14:32-41Mark 14:32-72victory, surrender, God's will
How "able" are those who through surrender know they are undoubtedly doing God's will.Mark 14:49Mark 14:32-72surrender, God's will
Those who would be disciples of Jesus Christ must (1) count the cost of such and (2) surrender all to Him.Luke 14:16-33Luke 14:16-33Disciples, Cost Of Discipleship, Surrender
Those who have received life-impacting mercy and grace from God have a keen opportunity to surrender the rest of their life under His Lordship.John 8:2-11John 8:1-59Grace, Lordship, Surrender
One key aspect of a life through which God will work His work is a surrendered life, 'I lay down my life.'John 10:17-18John 10:17-18surrender, God works, consecration
Those who surrender to and serve the LORD will be honored or rewarded one day by the LORD.John 12:26, 2 Timothy 4:7-8John 12:1-50Service, Surrender, Reward
Like Jesus, every Christ-follower should humbly submit to carry out God's will - regardless of the course it takes - and obey Him all our days BECAUSE WE ARE GOING TO GOD.John 13:3-5, Hebrews 12:2John 13:3-5surrender, God's will, Christ-followers
God works His works in and through those wholly surrendered to Him IN CHRIST.John 14:10-12John 14:1-31God Works, In Christ, Surrender
Shall each Christ-follower not drink the cup which the Father has given him or her?John 18:11John 18:1-40Christ-followers, God's Will, Surrender
Each Christ-follower is individually responsible to the LORD to follow His leadership - the grace, the course, the life set out for him or her by the LORD.John 21:21-22John 21:1-25Christ-followers, Responsibility, Surrender
The primary focus of one who believes Jesus is the Son of God and is surrendered to Jesus is FOLLOW JESUS, follow the leadership of the LORD.John 21:19-23John 21:19-23Christ-followers, God's Will, Surrender
Every servant of God should be living and serving the LORD in a state of total surrender - being poured out as a drink offering.2 Timothy 4:6, Leviticus 23:13, Numbers 28:72 Timothy 4:6-7Surrender, Yield