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Treasures for 'Submissive'

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God is to have the singular, supreme devotion of all those who are His IN CHRIST.Exodus 20:3-5, Exodus 20:22-23Exodus 20:3-23Love God, Submissive, Supreme Devotion
Those who walk with the LORD in humble submission and trust know the LORD's presence and deliverance.Psalm 34:1-22Psalm 34:1-22Deliverance, Submissive, Those Who Trust God
A Christ-follower should be humbly aware that apart from the Holy Spirit and purposes of God he, too, will stumble because of Jesus.Matthew 26:31-35, Matthew 26:69-75Matthew 26:31-35Humility, Submissive, Stumble
An effective spiritual leader (1) acknowledges himself as a willingly submissive servant of God, (2) can name his gifting from the LORD, (3) affirms his trust in God as a chosen (by grace) one, (4) acknowledges the Truth, agrees or aligns with godliness - loving fear of God, reverence toward God - (5) lives out of the hope of God's promised eternal (kind of) life - knowing God cannot lie, (6) declares with his proclamation gift God's Gospel message, and (7) functions out of God's expressed will and Word.Titus 1:1-3Titus 1:1-3God's Word, submissive, spiritual leaders