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Treasures for 'Submission'

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The ideal relationship between one through whom God will work and God Himself is a relationship of submission - humble one's self to the LORD.Genesis 17:1-4Genesis 17:1-4Humility, Submission, Surrender To God
Those who walk in humble submission to God, following His leadership, worship God as they experience Divine encounters in fulfilling His purposes.Genesis 24:8Genesis 24:1-66Experience God, Divine Appointments, Submission
The presence of God is to be sought, but not 'handled' or 'controlled' or 'manipulated' by men.1 Chronicles 13:1-141 Chronicles 13seek God, submission, presence of God
The LORD Jesus Christ is the KING of all those IN CHRIST and they would do well to recognize His righteous role and reign.Psalm 45:1-9Psalm 45:1-9King Of Kings, Submission, Christ's Righteousness
Those who would know the LORD intimately yield or submit their heart to Him, bowing down and kneeling before the LORD God.Psalm 95:6Psalm 95:6Yielding, Intimacy With God, Submission
Submission and humility before the LORD are prerequisites to hearing from God.Daniel 10:15-17Daniel 10:15-17submission, Humility, prayer, prerequisites, answers to prayer
Spiritual leaders are under an injunction to put Christ-followers in remembrance (admonish) again and again how to live in a civil and / or secular society: (1) yield, submit to civil order and authorities, (2) do what civil authorities say, (3) continually be prepared to do every kind of good work, (4) do not vilify anyone (speak evil of), (5) be peaceable (non-violent), (6) be gentle - appropriate, equitable, not extremists - and (7) be an example of all kinds of consideration, gentleness, humility to all men.Titus 3:1-2Titus 3:1-2body of Christ, submission, spiritual leaders