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Treasures for 'Spiritual Leadership'

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It is a spiritual leader's responsibility to remove discouragement from the ranks of workers before it infects all.Deuteronomy 20:8Deuteronomy 20:8Spiritual leadership, discouragement
The spiritual leaders assigned by God are to be respected by the body of Christ - respect of a godly nature.Joshua 4:14, Hebrews 13:17Joshua 4:14Leaders, Respect, Spiritual Leadership
Jesus knows the timing of the Father.Matthew 3:13-17Matthew 3:13-17timing, Spiritual leadership
Christ-followers are not to tempt or try God - as in acting presumptuously against His Word.Matthew 4:7Matthew 4:1-11Spiritual leadership, Caution
Christ-followers are only to worship God and serve God - not anyone or anything else.Matthew 4:10Matthew 4:1-11Spiritual leadership, Worship, Singleness
Christ-followers are to live on the rhema God gives them - not on bread alone.Matthew 4:4Matthew 4:1-11Nurture, Spiritual leadership
People must hear a message of repentance.Matthew 4:17Matthew 4:12-25Spiritual leadership, Preach, Teach, Repentance
Jesus invites people to follow Him.Matthew 4:19Matthew 4:12-25Mentoring, Spiritual leadership
Jesus invites people to follow Him with purpose - to make the followers into fishers of men.Matthew 4:19Matthew 4:12-25Spiritual leadership, Mentoring, Develop Others
It's time to 'go' when Jesus calls.Matthew 4:19Matthew 4:12-25timing, Spiritual leadership
Inheritors in God's kingdom will be happy and blessed when they express and experience true humility.Matthew 5:3Matthew 5:1-4Spiritual leadership, character
Blessed and fortunate are those who mourn for they will be comforted.Matthew 5:4Matthew 5:1-4Spiritual leadership
Those Christ-followers who are meek are blessed, happy, and fortunate and are going to inherit the earth.Matthew 5:5Matthew 5:5-6Spiritual leadership, character
Christ-followers who hunger and thirst for righteousness - living right before God - will be filled or satisfied.Matthew 5:6Matthew 5:5-6Spiritual leadership, character
Blessed, happy, fortunate are those who have spiritual hunger and thirst for righteousness.Matthew 5:6Matthew 5:5-6Character, Righteousness, Spiritual leadership
Blessed, to be envied, and fortunate are the pure in heart.Matthew 5:8Matthew 5:7-9Spiritual leadership, Character, Purity, Transparency
Christ-followers who are peacemakers are blessed and will be called sons of God.Matthew 5:9Matthew 5:7-9Character, Peacemakers, Spiritual leadership
Christ-followers who are merciful toward others are blessed - To be envied and fortunate because they, too, will be shown mercy.Matthew 5:7Matthew 5:7-9Spiritual leadership, Character, Merciful
Blessed, to be envied, and fortunate are Christ-followers who are persecuted because of their righteousness.Matthew 5:10Matthew 5:10-12Character, Persecution, Spiritual leadership
False things may be said against those who live a righteous life.Matthew 5:11Matthew 5:10-12Spiritual leadership, criticism
Christ-followers must rejoice even under persecution because great will be their reward in heaven.Matthew 5:12Matthew 5:10-12persistence, Spiritual leadership
Christ-followers (salt) are (1) to bring out the best around them, (2) preserve what is right and good, and (3) purify or clean up what is corrupt around them.Matthew 5:13Matthew 5:13Spiritual leadership
Those who disobey and teach others to disobey God's Word will be called least in the kingdom.Matthew 5:19aMatthew 5:17-20warnings, Spiritual leadership
Those, on the other hand, who practice and teach others to practice God's Word will be called great in the kingdom.Matthew 5:19bMatthew 5:17-20Teachers, Trainers, Mentoring, Spiritual leadership
It is possible to commit sins in one's thoughts.Matthew 5:27-30Matthew 5:27-32Spiritual leadership, Purity, Righteousness
Christ-followers are to be people of integrity.Matthew 5:33-37Matthew 5:33-42Spiritual leadership, Character, Integrity
Christ-followers give more than what is asked for, more than what is expected.Matthew 5:38-41Matthew 5:33-42Spiritual leadership, Modeling
Christ-followers are to pray for those who persecute them.Matthew 5:44Matthew 5:43-48prayer, Spiritual leadership
Christ-followers are to be in the process of maturing - developing into one like their Father.Matthew 5:48Matthew 5:43-48Spiritual leadership, Mentoring, Maturing Process
Christ-followers are not to do acts of righteousness to be seen by men - to show off or get attention.Matthew 6:1Matthew 6:1-4Character, Motives, Spiritual leadership
Christ-followers are to be people of prayer.Matthew 6:5-8Matthew 6:5-8Spiritual leadership, Character, Prayer
Those who pray to be seen by men - being seen by men is their only reward.Matthew 6:5Matthew 6:5-8Character, Motives, Spiritual leadership
Christ-followers are to pray privately to the Father.Matthew 6:6Matthew 6:5-8Spiritual leadership, private prayer
Leaders lead - give direction to - those who follow.Mark 4:35Mark 4:35Spiritual leadership, followers, Lead