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Many times a spiritual leader needs to get beyond distractions to be where he can hear from God and see what God wants to do.Genesis 13:14-18Genesis 13:14-18Quiet, Spiritual Leader, Supreme Devotion
With the Word and wisdom of Scripture, a spiritual leader can be of more value than simply preaching and praying.Leviticus 13:1-59Leviticus 13:1-59Value, Spiritual Leader, Practical
It would be well for any God-appointed leader to see himself as a recipient of God's grace and humble himself accordingly.2 Samuel 6:21-222 Samuel 6:21-22God's Grace, Humility, Spiritual Leader
Every up and coming spiritual leader (developing) needs to operate or minister from this solid foundation of God: (1) The LORD knows those who are being His and (2) Let everyone who claims as his the name of the LORD depart (an imperative, command) - flee and abstain - from unrighteousness (doing what is not right in God's eyes).2 Timothy 2:192 Timothy 2:19Righteousness, God Knows, spiritual leader
Remember, you do not grow out beyond your solid foundation but build up ON your solid foundation.2 Timothy 2:192 Timothy 2:19Beliefs, Maturity, Spiritual Leader
One of the foundation blocks of the Christ-life is for each one to thoroughly cleanse himself from unrighteousness (depart, flee, abstain) - making himself sanctified (holy, consecrated, set apart) (1) prepared for every good work (whatever works God ordained) and (2) useful for the LORD.2 Timothy 2:19-212 Timothy 2:19-21Righteousness, Discipline, Spiritual Leader
Those who would be used more by God in His redemption work need to "clean-up themselves" - stop unrighteous living.2 Timothy 2:19-212 Timothy 2:19-21Righteousness, Spiritual Leader, sanctified
Younger, developing servants of God (spiritual leaders, elders, teachers, apostles, evangelists, prophets, pastors) are to (imperative, injunction, command) aggressively pursue (earnestly, eagerly, continually) (1) obedience by faith what God calls them specifically to do (righteousness), (2) faith - trusting the LORD, (3) love - letting love be present, expressed, and behind (motive) all they do, and (4) peace - operating peacefully, not agitating in life and ministry among the body of Christ.2 Timothy 2:222 Timothy 2:22Spiritual Leader, Training, Useful
Spiritual leaders or disciple makers are always about 'connecting' people.2 Timothy 4:212 Timothy 4:19-22People, Relationships, Spiritual Leader