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As the cloud (and pillar of fire) above the tabernacle led Israel in the wilderness, so today the Holy Spirit leads (leads and more) Christ-followers.Numbers 9:16-23, Romans 8:14, John 16:13Numbers 9:16-23God Leads, Holy Spirit, Spirit-led
A Spirit-led servant of God will express gratitude toward someone God inspires to care for him.2 Kings 4:10-172 Kings 4Spirit-led, gratitude, caring
When a Christ-follower living faithfully in an idolatrous culture is invited to speak God's revealed Truth, he or she must speak with courage, trust, and the Holy Spirit - particularly when the Word convicts leaders in that idolatrous culture.Daniel 4:26-27Daniel 4:19-27God's Word, Faithfulness, Spirit-led
Those who are filled with the Spirit of God are led by the Spirit of God.Luke 4:1Luke 4:1Holy Spirit, Spirit-filled, Spirit-led
Those who walk in the Spirit in obedience to God and His will (1) always please the Father and (2) never walk alone.John 8:16, 29John 8:16, 29God's will, pleasing God, Spirit-led
The Holy Spirit teaches Christ-followers the Truth and the application of Scripture in order that our salvation and eternal life will be experienced by faith.Acts 13:33-39, John 14:26, John 16:13-15Acts 13:33-39God Teaches, Holy Spirit, Spirit-led
An itinerate teacher under the Holy Spirit will teach wherever, whenever, and however long is possible to maximize the time with those who are spiritually hungry.Acts 20:6-12Acts 20:6-12Spirit-led, Spiritual Hunger, Teach Others
Fellow Christ-followers kneeling in prayer together can be a real sign of fellowship in the Spirit.Acts 21:4-5Acts 21:4-5fellowship, prayer, Spirit-led
Under the leading of the Holy Spirit, there is a time to advance forward (even) in the face of (what has been revealed to you) severe threat of arrest by authorities.Acts 21:7-14Acts 21:7-14Opposition, Spirit-led, Those Who Trust God
Spirit-filled and led Christ-followers should not let others dissuade them from obeying the LORD's leading.Acts 21:14Acts 21:13-14discouragement, Spirit-led, obedience
Some say in the 'flesh' I'm ready to die for Jesus' name - while others 'in the Spirit' ARE ready to die in Jesus' name.Acts 21:13Acts 21:13-14cost of discipleship, Spirit-led, devotion
Some loving, well-meaning Christ-followers try tight arguments and tears to dissuade a Spirit-led Christ-follower from doing what he thoroughly believes - and is yielded to do - the Spirit is leading him to do.Acts 21:13Acts 21:13-14faith, discouragement, Spirit-led