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To all who are IN CHRIST the presence of the LORD is to be a sign of the filling of God's Spirit.Exodus 40:1-38Exodus 40:1-38Presence Of God, In Christ, Spirit-filled
Those who would lead God's people need to be full of God's Spirit and the wisdom He produces to apply God's Word in daily life.Deuteronomy 34:9Deuteronomy 34:9Apply God\'s Word, Filled With Wisdom, Spirit-filled
God's sending the SPIRIT UPON ONE is His victory equipment granted His servant.Judges 11:29Judges 11:29Holy Spirit, Spirit-filled, Victory
A Christ-follower who wants to do well, would do well to spend as much time as possible with a Spirit-related mentor.2 Kings 2:1-112 Kings 2mentor, Spirit-filled, discipleship
God's Spirit is 'sent on' or 'manifest in' people to (1) speak a message, (2) do an action, (3) perform a skill, etc. to accomplish God's purposes.1 Chronicles 12:181 Chronicles 12progress, Spirit-filled, Holy Spirit
Surely being under the influence of the Holy Spirit as a Christ-follower can make one shine as a bright light, not stink in society being full of offenses.Daniel 4:18Daniel 4:1-27Light, Spirit-filled, Offenses
Teaching in the Spirit is authoritative.Mark 1:27Mark 1:27teaching, Spirit-filled
Those who are filled with the Spirit of God are led by the Spirit of God.Luke 4:1Luke 4:1Holy Spirit, Spirit-filled, Spirit-led
Those IN CHRIST, filled with the Spirit, and doing God's will manifest the glory of God and of His Son.John 2:11John 2:1-25Faith, Obedience, Spirit-filled
Sometimes those IN CHRIST filled with the Spirit are not known as such by the carnal or unsaved religious establishment.John 9:29John 9:29Carnal, Religious Community, Spirit-filled
Satan lies to Christ-followers when he in any way insinuates the LORD inadequately fulfills His Word - failing in any way to grant an "overflowing life" in walking His way.John 10:10John 10:1-42Abundant, Eternal Life, Spirit-filled
What a difference is brought when those IN CHRIST are filled with the Holy Spirit and face opposition - they receive clarity of God's Gospel, clarity of Jesus Christ, and boldness in the face of opposition to proclaim both.Acts 4:13, Acts 4:31Acts 4:2-13Opposition, Boldness, Spirit-filled
Those who by God's grace are greatly used of God should not be surprised when they encounter significant opposition, but remain full of the Holy Spirit, full of grace, and full of faith.Acts 6:5-15Acts 6:5-15Opposition, Faithful, Spirit-filled
Those IN CHRIST and full of the Holy Spirit can speak God's Word - the Gospel - boldly even in the face of direct opposition.Acts 7:1-60, Acts 6:5-8Acts 7:1-60Gospel, Distributed God's Word, Spirit-filled
The Word of God and leadership (wisdom) of the Spirit of God delivered by Spirit-filled and Spirit-led spiritual leaders strengthens the Christ-followers who receive them as from God.Acts 16:4-5Acts 16:4-5God's Word, Receptive To God's Word, Spirit-filled
A Spirit-filled servant will speak truth out of his authority (assigned-by-God role) with humility, with love, and with gentleness for the edification of the body of Christ.2 Corinthians 12:1-192 Corinthians 12truth, Spirit-filled, edify
God's will is that Christ-followers live accurately (in the light) in Christ, use all time wisely, and do so filled with the Holy Spirit.Ephesians 5:15-18Ephesians 5God's will, Spirit-filled, obedience
A Christ-oriented servant of God will extend mercy towards his Christ-family members who forsake (leave him in a lurch) him in difficult times - even intercede that God forgive them this wrong doing.2 Timothy 4:162 Timothy 4:14-16Mercy, Spirit-filled, Forgive