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Treasures for 'Sins'

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Be sure sins committed in privacy will be revealed publicly. Genesis 38:25-26Genesis 38:1-30Sins, Private, Public
Remember, when the Deceiver assures you your privately committed sin is going to be safe (from discovery) the Deceiver is the one giving you the (false) assurance. Genesis 38:25-26Genesis 38:1-30Sins, Deceived, Satan
God brings His people to circumstances that help them see some former sins can have consequences later in life.Genesis 44:16-20Genesis 44:1-34Circumstances, Sins, God Works
By God's grace, one can learn from his past mistakes (sinful choices) and even years later be found making right choices - even choices involving high personal costs.Genesis 44:29-34Genesis 44:1-34Sins, Righteousness, Learn
The root of one's hidden sins may finally be exposed one day - producing terrible humility and acknowledgement of sin.Genesis 44:16Genesis 44:6-16Confession, Sins, Humility
Some civil disobediences which are also sins against God - even hated by God - and committed by God's people are to be severely punished.Detueronomy 19:15-21, Proverbs 6:16-19Deuteronomy 19:14-21God Hates, Sins, Social Order
The sins of one leader among God's people (the influence of his sins spreading among God's people) can result in God's judgment on the whole of them.1 Kings 14:14-161 Kings 14judgment, leadership, sins
There are degrees of sins against God - with God saying so.1 Kings 21:261 Kings 21disobedience, sins, sin
The consequences God expresses against some sins will not be eliminated even if genuine repentance of the sin(s) is thorough.2 Kings 23:26-272 Kings 23sins, consequences, repentance
A judgment is coming (Great White Throne) wherein men's sins will be revealed in full.1 Timothy 5:241 Timothy 5:23-25judgment, sins, unbelievers