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Treasures for 'Serve God'

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If it seems you are forgotten by others, continue faithfully in Christ for God has not forgotten you - a greater day of service will come.Genesis 40:14, Genesis 40:23, Genesis 41:1-14Genesis 40:1-23Faithfulness, Serve God
Those IN CHRIST surrender to the LORD their ears (what they hear), hands (what they do), and their feet (where they go) as His instruments for His purposes.Leviticus 8:22-23Leviticus 8:22-23God's Purposes, Serve God, Surrender To God
God chooses by name those who will serve Him - in what capacity they will serve.Numbers 3:1-13Numbers 3:1-13God's Lordship, God Chooses, Serve God
One can live and serve God with his whole heart and support a political leader who does not live for or serve God.1 Samuel 29:6-91 Samuel 29:6-9Heart For God, Public Service, Serve God
Those IN CHRIST should gladly serve the LORD.Psalm 100:2Psalm 100:2God's Servants, Gladness, Serve God
Those IN CHRIST are to serve the King of God's kingdom - Jesus - today by serving others AS IF serving Christ, Himself.Matthew 25:31-40Matthew 25:31-40Kingdom Of God, Serve God, Serving
Those who follow (serve) Jesus Christ will be honored by God.John 12:26John 12:26Follow Christ, Rewards, Serve God
God chooses those who will know Him, hear Him, and serve Him according to His purposes.Acts 22:14-15Acts 22:14-15God's Purposes, God Chooses, Serve God