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Treasures for 'Servants'

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A Spirit-filled servant of the LORD humbly points his disciples to Jesus - FOLLOW JESUS.John 1:36-37John 1:36-37Followers, Servants
God uses some servants of His uniquely.Deuteronomy 34:10-12Deuteronomy 34:10-12servants, Unique, spiritual leaders
God's love for His servants is unfailing.Psalm 21:7Psalm 21:7servants, God's love
God works in advance of His children or servants coming to minister.Mark 1:2,3Mark 1:2,3servants, God works, spiritual leaders
Jesus cares about the families of those He calls to follow Him.Mark 1:29-31Mark 1:29-31servants, Families, Jesus cares
Disciples of Christ are to be servants of one another.Mark 10:43,44Mark 10:43,44servants, serve one another, disciples
The selecting of and public affirmation of elders, bishops, teachers, and deacons are not to be done heastily, (too quickly, speedily).1 Timothy 5:221 Timothy 5:21-22spiritual leaders, servants, character