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Treasures for 'Self-centered'

When it 'seems' God delays, prideful spiritual leaders often take matters into their own hands - devising plans of their own (apart from God).Exodus 32:1-33Exodus 32:1-33Without God, Self-centered, Spiritual Leaders
God's people are not to think (1) they achieved God's purposes on their own (apart from God's hand) nor (2) they earned or deserved to experience God's purpose and will because of their righteousness or self-efforts.Deuteronomy 9:4-29Deuteronomy 9:1-29God's Grace, God's Purposes, Self-centered
Those who don't know God and His powerful works find it easy to ignore God's Word and do as they please.Judges 2:17-19Judges 2:17-19Ignorance, Ignore God, Self-centered
God is concerned that His people will glory or boast in their accomplishments - over against affirming God's gracious accomplishments in or through them.Judges 7:2Judges 7:1-8Pride, Glory To God, Self-centered
Sometimes God affirmatively answers one's self-centered prayers, but he answer comes with an unanticipated cost or outcome.Psalm 78:26-31, Psalm 78:18-19Psalm 78:18-31Answered Prayers, God's Will, Self-centered
Leaders in an idolatrous culture are likely to make decisions - public or private - from a self-centered point of view.Daniel 6:14Daniel 6:14-28Leaders, Idolatrous Culture, Self-centered
Imagine the arrogance of some leaders - political or otherwise - who exalt themselves above all gods - known or unknown, real or unreal - this is supreme arrogance.Daniel 11:36-37Daniel 11:36-37pride, self-sufficient, self-centered