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Seeking after God is not a casual, part-time pursuit.Deuteronomy 4:29Deuteronomy 4:29seek God
Seeking after God's pursuit of the entire being.Deuteronomy 4:29Deuteronomy 4:29seek God
Those who seek with all their heart and soul so we'll find God.Deuteronomy 4:29Deuteronomy 4:29seek God
One can seek the LORD and find Him from anywhere this side of hell.Deuteronomy 4:29Deuteronomy 4:29seek God
Finding God is conditioned on wholehearted seeking of Him.Deuteronomy 4:29Deuteronomy 4:29seek God
Those who humbly and wholeheartedly seek the LORD will (1) know Him more deeply, (2) trust Him to do His will (what is best from His perspective), and (3) experience Him beyond others.1 Samuel 2:1-101 Samuel 2:1-10Humility, Seek God, Whole Heart
A “God’s-heart” oriented servant will treat abundant provision from God as more from which to bless God, Himself.2 Samuel 8:10-112 Samuel 8:10-11Seek God, Bless God, Giving
A servant of God must, by God's grace and Spirit, seek God and hear God - doing what He says; then, see God work.1 Kings 18:361 Kings 18listen to God, obey, seek God
The short-sighted and carnal solution of 'selling out' (and not seeking God's direction) to an enemy of God's people is not right.2 Kings 12:182 Kings 12seek God, self-sufficient, compromise
When under spiritual attack, humble oneself, seek God's face, and call on those who are spiritually attune to pray with you for God's mercy and grace.2 Kings 19:1-52 Kings 19seek God, humility, attacks
God extends mercy and grace to those who hear His Word with a tender heart humble themselves, weep, and seek His face.2 Kings 22:18-20 and 23:252 Kings 22listen to God, God's Word, seek God
The presence of God is to be sought, but not 'handled' or 'controlled' or 'manipulated' by men.1 Chronicles 13:1-141 Chronicles 13seek God, submission, presence of God
Facing enemy opposition? Seek God's direction, trust God's power, take your responsible actions, and see God's breakthrough / victory.1 Chronicles 14:10-111 Chronicles 14victory, opposition, seek God
The LORD God searches each one's heart and knows the motives behind all their thoughts.1 Chronicles 28:91 Chronicles 28:9seek God
Every believer needs to serve God with wholehearted devotion and do so willingly - not out of obligation or duty.1 Chronicles 28:91 Chronicles 28:9seek God
Believers are to seek the LORD.2 Chronicles 15:22 Chronicles 15:2seek God
As a believer seeks the LORD, the LORD will be found.2 Chronicles 15:22 Chronicles 15:2seek God
Believers ought to consciously desire to commune with the LORD.2 Chronicles 15:22 Chronicles 15:2seek God
God will avail himself to those who seek His presence, companionship, and heart.2 Chronicles 15:22 Chronicles 15:2seek God
Those who have a heart for God seek Him in prayer.Psalm 5:1-3Psalm 5:1-3seek God, Prayer, heart for God
Those who have a heart for God seek His leadership and guidance.Psalm 5:8Psalm 5:8Heart for God, leadership, guidance, seek God
Those who seek God will never be forsaken by God.Psalm 9:10, Jeremiah 29:13Psalm 9:10seek God
The recounting of God's faithfulness prompts people to trust Him.Psalm 9:10, Jeremiah 29:13Psalm 9:10seek God
A relationship with God will be experienced by those who seek God with their whole heart.Psalm 9:10, Jeremiah 29:13Psalm 9:10seek God
God promises that He will respond to the one who seeks Him wholeheartedly.Psalm 9:10, Jeremiah 29:13Psalm 9:10seek God
Those who know God seek to be near God - have God near them.Psalm 22:11,19Psalm 22:11,19near God, seek God
Those who seek the LORD will praise the LORD.Psalm 22:26Psalm 22:26seek God, Praise God
Those who seek God with a whole heart and pure heart will enjoy His presence.Psalm 24:3,4Psalm 24:3,4seek God, Whole heart, pure heart, enjoy, God's presence
Those who seek God will not lack any good thing.Psalm 34:10Psalm 34:10No lack, good things, seek God
There are times we will seek in prayer God all through the night.Psalm 77:2Psalm 77:2seek God, Prayer, all night
There are those among God's people who intercede to God for their enemies to "Seek God."Psalm 83:16Psalm 83:16Enemies, Intercession, Seek God
Those who seek God's presence can be found calling on God daily, morning by morning seeking the LORD.Psalm 88:9, Psalm 88:13Psalm 88:1-13Daily Prayer, God's Presence, Seek God
Those IN CHRIST, who seek the LORD with their whole heart and live according to His Word and ways, do not commit sin.Psalm 119:1-3Psalm 119:1-3Seek God, Avoid Sinning, Whole Heart
Those pursing God's heart seek to be truth-speakers - void of deceit.Psalm 120:2Psalm 120:2Integrity, Seek God, Truth
Those who set themselves to seek God's heart and God's will put God first before themselves.Psalm 132:1-5, Luke 9:23Psalm 132:1-5God's Will, Seek God, Surrender To God
The LORD makes Himself known to the humble who seek Him.Psalm 138:6Psalm 138:6Experience God, Humble, Seek God
Those in Christ who reach out for, receive, apply, seek, and search for God's wisdom will know it.Proverbs 2:1-7Proverbs 2wisdom, seek God, discipleship
Always seek knowledge, wisdom, and understanding from the LORD.Proverbs 4:1-7 18 and Ephesians 1:17-18Proverbs 4wisdom, seek God, knowledge
Those who diligently seek wisdom from God will find it.Proverbs 8:17Proverbs 8diligence, wisdom, seek God
Those who have spiritual understanding seek (from the heart) to gain knowledge.Proverbs 15:14Proverbs 15understanding, seek God, heart
God's people should seek God - not men.Isaiah 8:19-20Isaiah 8:19-20God's people, seek God
The one great reality that makes a place holy is Jehovah Shammah - THE LORD IS THERE.Ezekiel 48:35Ezekiel 48:35seek God, consecration, presence of God
Those IN CHRIST who wholeheartedly seek wisdom and knowledge in the midst of a dark culture go to Him who has the Light and who grants revelation (lifting off of the cover).Daniel 2:19-23Daniel 2:17-28Prayer, Dedication, Seek God
Those IN CHRIST who would live God-honoring lives in an idolatrous culture will find themselves at times desperately (even to extend their lives desperate) seeking God in prayer even to know what otherwise is an absolute (unknown) secret.Daniel 2:17-19Daniel 2:17-28Prayer, Dedication, Seek God
Those who persevere in prayer to the LORD with brokenness, humility, and fasting - and a long life of integrity with obedience - will receive an answer from the LORD.Daniel 10:12Daniel 10:1-21seek God, prayer, persistence
A proper, obedient servant of God urges the people to pursue the knowledge of God - seek to know God with knowledge and experience.Hosea 6:3,6Hosea 6:3, 6encouragement, seek God, discipleship
Believers are to live a righteous life.Hosea 10:12Hosea 10:12seek God
Love for God and His righteousness will result in living righteously.Hosea 10:12Hosea 10:12seek God
There may well be areas of a believer's life for God and His righteousness are unknown.Hosea 10:12Hosea 10:12seek God
In the areas were God's righteousness is unknown, the believer must humble himself and seek the Lord.Hosea 10:12Hosea 10:12seek God
Believers can go through periods of spiritual dryness and hardness.Hosea 10:12Hosea 10:12seek God
There is a time in gathering of spiritual leaders - whether the leader or teacher - to fall to their knees in prayer - praying together humbly bowed before God.Acts 20:36Acts 20:36-38seek God, prayer, leaders
Without faith it is impossible to please God.Hebrews 11:6Hebrews 11:6seek God
One must believe that God exist in order to come to Him.Hebrews 11:6Hebrews 11:6seek God
One must believe that God rewards those who are earnestly seek Him.Hebrews 11:6Hebrews 11:6seek God
Seeking God has rewards - spiritual rewards.Hebrews 11:6Hebrews 11:6seek God