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Treasures for 'Scripture'

Jesus taught Scripture in public religious meetings.Mark 1:21,22Mark 1:21,22Scripture, Public service, Jesus taught
Those IN CHRIST with the Holy Spirit can know the Scriptures - can know what God is saying through the Scriptures.Mark 12:24-27Mark 12:18-49Scripture, knowledge
Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit and in communion with His Father, knew how to apply Scripture portions to life today - the same process by which Christ-followers know how to apply Scriptures today.Mark 14:27Mark 14:1-31apply, Scripture, Holy Spirit
The Scriptures - any one or more - are revealed with understanding to Christ-followers according to God's purposes and God's timing.John 20:8-9John 20:1-31God's Will, Revelation, Scripture
The teaching of laws and Scriptures about the 'outside limits' of behavior is aimed at the unsaved - outside of Christ - whose ungodly nature is the primary influence of their life.1 Timothy 1:8-101 Timothy 1:8-11Scripture, teaching, unsaved