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Treasures for 'Righteousness'

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Righteousness (a right standing with God) has always and only been accounted by God to those who take God at His Word.Genesis 15:4-6, Galatians 3:6Genesis 15:4-6Trust God, Righteousness, Imputed
Those with a heart for God - fearing God and desiring right - will likely fulfill their personal responsibilities assigned them - even to reporting unrighteousness by others. Genesis 37:2Genesis 37:1-8Obedience, Responsibility, Righteousness
The power and purposes of Almighty God are mingled with His righteousness.Genesis 38:7-10Genesis 38:7-10God's Purposes, Righteousness, God's Character
By God's grace, one can learn from his past mistakes (sinful choices) and even years later be found making right choices - even choices involving high personal costs.Genesis 44:29-34Genesis 44:1-34Sins, Righteousness, Learn
To do what God says is always good from God's viewpoint for Christ-followers.Deuteronomy 6:24, Romans 8:28Deuteronomy 6:24Live Right, Obey God, Righteousness
God's people are to do what is right in His eyes.Deuteronomy 21:9Deuteronomy 21:1-9God's people, righteousness
God gives grace to some genealogical lines - more in one line than another - to do what is right in His eyes.1 Chronicles 3:9-161 Chronicles 3God's ways, grace, righteousness
God's leadership is always in righteousness.Psalm 5:8Psalm 5:8righteousness, God's leadership
Those IN CHRIST know the LORD is their goodness, their righteousness.Psalm 16:1-2, Jeremiah 23:6, 1 Corinthians 1:30Psalm 16:1-2In Christ, Righteousness, Christ's Righteousness
It is God’s righteousness that the redeemed gladly declare in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.Psalm 22:13Psalm 22:1-31Gospel, Righteousness, Witnessing
Righteousness is received from God in His gracious salvation - imputed righteousness.1 Corinthians 1:30, Psalm 24:5, Romans 4:20-25Psalm 24:1-10Righteousness, Imputed, Christ's Righteousness
Godly wisdom is made known by God to the 'inner man' of those IN CHRIST and yielded to God.Psalm 51:6Psalm 51:6Righteousness, God Reveals, Wisdom
God has always intended for governments to rule in righteousness.Proverbs 25:4-5Proverbs 25God's will, righteousness, government
All who believe on the LORD Jesus Christ are justified in God's eyes - declared to have the righteousness of God attributed to them.Romans 3:24-28Romans 3:24-28Justify, Righteousness, Those Who Trust God
Righteousness before God is imputed by God to those who believe (take God at His Word) Him (express faith in God).Romans 4:3, Romans 4:24Romans 4:1-25Righteousness, Believe God, Imputation
Every up and coming spiritual leader (developing) needs to operate or minister from this solid foundation of God: (1) The LORD knows those who are being His and (2) Let everyone who claims as his the name of the LORD depart (an imperative, command) - flee and abstain - from unrighteousness (doing what is not right in God's eyes).2 Timothy 2:192 Timothy 2:19Righteousness, God Knows, spiritual leader
One of the foundation blocks of the Christ-life is for each one to thoroughly cleanse himself from unrighteousness (depart, flee, abstain) - making himself sanctified (holy, consecrated, set apart) (1) prepared for every good work (whatever works God ordained) and (2) useful for the LORD.2 Timothy 2:19-212 Timothy 2:19-21Righteousness, Discipline, Spiritual Leader
Those who would be used more by God in His redemption work need to "clean-up themselves" - stop unrighteous living.2 Timothy 2:19-212 Timothy 2:19-21Righteousness, Spiritual Leader, sanctified