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Treasures for 'Righteous Judgment'

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The LORD extends mercy to His people when they are among those God is going to judge.Genesis 19:15-16Genesis 19:15-16God's People, Righteous Judgment, God's Mercy
Some of the judgments God organizes against the hard, idol-worshipping heathen are terribly violent.Judges 15:9-17Judges 15:9-17Righteous Judgment, Unbelievers, God Is Sovereign
God will directly address those who oppress His people.Psalm 53:5Psalm 53:5Experience God, God Watches, Righteous Judgment
One day, the wicked (Christ-rejectors) will join all and acknowledge God and God's righteous judgment.Psalm 58:11, Romans 14:11Psalm 58:11Final Judgment, Righteous Judgment, Acknowledge God
God's judgment is righteous and true for all - kings as well as the poor and needy.Psalm 72:1-2Psalm 72:1-2Righteous Judgment, God's Character, Righteous Judge
Those who hate (especially who do hateful things toward) God's chosen people will, without fail, be dealt with severely by God.Psalm 129:5, Genesis 12:1-3Psalm 129:5Chosen, Hate, Righteous Judgment
Jesus Christ, the Righteous One, is the one by whom all will be judged.Romans 2:16Romans 2:16Jesus Christ, Righteous Judgment, Christ's Character
The body of Christ should use its God-given gift of discernment to judge matters between believers.1 Corinthians 6:1-81 Corinthians 6:1-8Discernment, Righteous Judgment, Family Of God