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Treasures for 'Riches'

Spiritual leaders are to instruct (pass on to) those IN CHRIST rich with many resources to get involved in doing many good works - generously, willingly partnering - with trust focused on God who provided them many resources to be shared and enjoyed.1 Timothy 6:17-191 Timothy 6:17-19responsible, spiritual leaders, riches
Being highly involved in (rich in) good works builds a good foundation for that which is life indeed - real life, meaningful life.1 Timothy 6:17-191 Timothy 6:17-19responsible, good works, riches
Those IN CHRIST who are rich with many resources are to avoid (1) self-exaltation and (2) trusting in earthly riches which have no value in heaven.1 Timothy 6:171 Timothy 6:17-19pride, trust, riches