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At times, the LORD reveals Himself to unsuspecting persons to express to them compassion and to reveal something more of Himself to man - God Who Sees.Genesis 16:9-13Genesis 16:1-16Experience God, God Speaks, Revelation
There may be a revelation of God or activity of God in a person or people group unknown to or unexpected by the Christ-follower who comes on the scene.Genesis 20:3-11Genesis 20:1-18God Works, Revelation, Surprise
God will manifest His mighty presence and powerful word in order to protect and provide for those fulfilling His purposes.Genesis 31:23-43Genesis 31:23-43God's Presence, Obedience, Revelation
God releases to selected ones a word about the future in His process of involving those selected ones in His purposes.Genesis 41:23-44, Amos 3:7Genesis 41:1-57God's Purposes, God's Word, Revelation
So often the fuller revelation or fuller experience of God comes after stepping out in faith - after beginning the journey of obedience.Genesis 46:1-7Genesis 46:1-34Faith, Obedience, Revelation
On occasion God releases prophetic information which speaks to the future of some of His people.Genesis 49:1-27Genesis 49:1-33Prophecy, Revelation, Gift of Prophet
The Spirit of God reveals Jesus, the Son God God, from the Scriptures to Christ-followers.Numbers 24:2, Numbers 24:17, John 15:26Numbers 24:1-17Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, Revelation
The Word of God is given by God and taught by the Spirit of God and men of God to be applied by faith in everyday life in order to experience God's abundant life as well as receiving wisdom and understanding (observable by outsiders as such) - so, pay attention to God's Word, diligently practice it, and pass it on to the next generation.Deuteronomy 4:1-9Deuteronomy 4:1-9Revelation, Word Of God, Heed God's Word
God works to bring Christ-followers to know (as a matter of fact) that they need to live according to His Word - revelation of Himself to men.Deuteronomy 8:3Deuteronomy 8:3God's Word, God Works, Revelation
God reveals the secret sins of His people to His prophets (spokesmen) so the prophets can speak specifically “God’s Word to the sins.”2 Samuel 12:1-122 Samuel 12:1-12Prophet, Rebuke, Revelation
God sometimes chooses to physically / materially manifest His presence for / to His people (here as an exclamation point) the glory of which is too much to bear.1 Kings 8:6-11 key 111 Kings 8:6-11revelation, presence of God, glory of God
Christ-followers need to know (by Spirit revelation) what is from God and what is not.1 Kings 12:241 Kings 12revelation, Holy Spirit, discernment
God acts to reveal Himself and His salvation to Gentiles as well as Hebrews by sending His messengers and working mighty acts - showing Himself merciful and mighty.1 Kings 17:17-241 Kings 17God works, revelation, salvation
God can and sometimes does SHOW His chosen ones a picture or movie of what is GOING TO HAPPEN before it actually happens - a vision.2 Kings 8:11-132 Kings 8revelation, vision, future
The LORD is the Teacher to those who trust Him, yield to Him, and pursue His heart.Psalm 25:4, Psalm 25:9, Psalm 25:12Psalm 25:4-12God Teaches, Learners, Revelation
God releases to those with a heart-for-His-heart some knowledge of Himself too wonderful to know.Psalm 139:6Psalm 139:6Revelation, God’s Character, Knowing God
Those IN CHRIST may speak confidently to those in authority in pagan, idolatrous cultures what God has revealed to them to say.Daniel 2:26-30Daniel 2:26-49Faith, Obedience, Revelation
God can reveal portions of His true character to whomever He chooses.Daniel 2:47Daniel 2:47revelation, God's character
Sometimes God works through deliverances He grants His children to reveal more of Himself to others: He is living, All Powerful, Sovereign, Eternal, Savior / Deliverer.Daniel 6:25-27Daniel 6:14-28God's Character, God's Work, Revelation
It is a revelation from heaven when an idol worshipper recognizes and declares (1) God is the living God and (2) God is sovereign in heaven and on earth.Daniel 6:26-27, Matthew 16:16-17, 1 Corinthians 2:10-14Daniel 6:26-27revelation, God's character
Those IN CHRIST serving the LORD faithfully even in the midst of an idolatrous culture - may be given by God profoundly great messages which speak to generations about future people and events leading to the victorious return of Christ, Son of God.Daniel 7:1-14Daniel 7:1-14Faithful, Idolatrous Culture, Revelation
God grants vision of His purposed future - whether they understand it all or none - to record for His people.Daniel 7:15-19Daniel 7:1-28Future, Revelation, Vision
God grants understanding into the revelations He grants His servants - understanding is at various levels, not always to full clarity of a word.Daniel 9:22-23Daniel 9:20-27Grace, God's Word, Revelation
Profound, prophetic messages may be given by God to one in a remnant in a day of general apostasy - a faithful, loved one, prayerful one, obedient one, chosen one.Daniel 9:20-27Daniel 9:20-27God's Word, Intimacy, Revelation
There are times to hold deep inside your heart a revelation God grants to you.Mark 8:29-30Mark 8:29-30God Speaks, Inner Man, Revelation
Some things the LORD says to you only make full sense later - in God's timing.Mark 9:9-10Mark 9:9-10God Speaks, God's Timing, Revelation
Jesus often reveals Himself to those the majority would consider "least likely" to have a personal encounter with the LORD.Mark 16:9-14Mark 16:9-14God Reveals, Revelation, Unlikely
Disciple makers pray for their disciples to know who the LORD is by experience and by revelation.Luke 9:18-20, Matthew 16:13-17Luke 9:18-20Disciple-maker, Experience God, Revelation
Some teachings of God's truth will seem radical in so many ways to both insiders and outsiders - until God's Spirit grants comprehension.John 3:3-7John 3:1-36Truth, God's Word, Revelation
It is important for a Christ-follower to know and act according to God's timetable.John 7:6, John 7:8John 7:1-53God's Timing, God's Will, Revelation
Those who desire - genuinely, in the heart - to know God's will God will reveal His Word and purposes to them.John 7:17John 7:1-53God's Will, God's Word, Revelation
The sayings, actions, and teachings of Jesus Christ were told Him - spoken to Him - by the Father, God.John 12:49-50John 12:49-50guidance, communion with God, revelation
Asking is related to revelation - what the Father reveals (shows or says) one ask for as did Jesus with His Father.John 14:13-14John 14:13-14revelation, ask, prayer
The Scriptures - any one or more - are revealed with understanding to Christ-followers according to God's purposes and God's timing.John 20:8-9John 20:1-31God's Will, Revelation, Scripture
Though one cannot see it is the LORD (to define Him with the eyes), He is recognizable by the word He speaks and the manifestation of Himself as His Word is applied in obedience.John 21:5-7, John 21:12John 21:1-25God's Presence, God's Work, Revelation