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Treasures for 'Resurrection'

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Those IN FAITH TOWARD GOD will rise to everlasting life in the resurrection and those WITHOUT FAITH IN GOD will rise to everlasting contempt.Daniel 12:2-3Daniel 12:2-3hell, resurrection, eternal life
Those who would discourage Christ-followers and attempt to stop the spread of the Gospel aim at denying or covering up the truth of the resurrection of Jesus.Matthew 28:11-15Matthew 28:11-15Discouragement, God's Truth, Resurrection
The resurrection evidences the power of God.Mark 12:24Mark 12:24resurrection, Power of God, evidence
The LORD Jesus Christ sits reigning at God's right hand right now.Mark 16:19Mark 16:1-20gospel, Jesus Christ, resurrection
Resurrection and life are resident in Jesus Christ.John 11:25-26John 11:25-26Jesus Christ, eternal life, resurrection
This Gospel witness of the resurrected Jesus Christ is OF GOD and cannot be overthrown - now, more than 2,000 years later this is so!Acts 5:38-40Acts 5:38-40Jesus Christ, Come To Jesus, Resurrection
Those IN CHRIST who suffer FOR CHRIST - beatings, arrests, trials, and threats of death - would do well to remember and focus on the resurrection (of Jesus and all those IN JESUS).Acts 24:15, Acts 24:21Acts 24:10-26In Christ, Resurrection, Suffer
The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a predominant part of Gospel preaching and teaching.Acts 25:19Acts 25:19Gospel, Resurrection, Trust Jesus
Jesus was the first to be resurrected and all IN CHRIST will be resurrected to life.Acts 26:23, Colossians 1:18, Romans 8:29Acts 26:23Jesus Christ, Eternal Life, Resurrection