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Treasures for 'Repentance'

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Sometimes even the God-selected leader of a movement will not see the end of the movement when on the way he rebels against the LORD - even if repentance follows.Deuteronomy 1:37Deuteronomy 1:32-37Leaders, Disobedience, Repentance
The LORD's people may find Him hesitant or slow to respond when they cry out to Him for deliverance from troubles - seeking relief, but not out of repentance for their sins.Judges 10:11-14Judges 10:11-14Adversity, Repentance, God's Deliverance
When disobedient and rebellious children of God return to trust and obey the LORD, they go through these stages or experiences (to some degree or another): (1) brokenness over their sinfulness, (2) wholehearted forsaking of the disobedience, (3) submission to spiritual leaders, (4) confession, (5) return to God's Word, (6) request intercession by spiritual ones, and (7) a renewed trust in God.1 Samuel 7:1-91 Samuel 7:1-9Obedience, Repentance, Disobedience
A genuine 'turning to God' kind of revival will include a 'turning from idols' - even a public display of such.2 Kings 23:2-20, 252 Kings 23acknowledge God, repentance, revival
The consequences God expresses against some sins will not be eliminated even if genuine repentance of the sin(s) is thorough.2 Kings 23:26-272 Kings 23sins, consequences, repentance
In times of rebellion toward God, He allows His own to experience "hard times" in order that they turn to Him in repentance and faith.Psalm 60:3Psalm 60:3Rebellious People, Hardships, Repentance
The unsaved need to be told to turn from their sin toward God in faith to receive the forgiveness of their sin.Matthew 3:2-5Matthew 3:2-5God's Forgiveness, Repentance, Unsaved
Repentance and forgiveness of sins are linked.Mark 1:4Mark 1:4repentance, forgiveness