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Treasures for 'Relationship'

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Those IN CHRIST are not to enter into marriages or other binding contracts with those who are not in Christ - who through intimacy of relationship might well turn one away from following Christ.Deuteronomy 7:1-4Deuteronomy 7:1-4Marriage, Relationship, Turn From God
There are times when God restricts His people from entering into relationship with certain others for a time.Deuteronomy 23:1-8Deuteronomy 23:1-8God's people, relationship, restrictions
Newly-weds should be given as much time as possible their first year of marriage in order to develop their relationship.Deuteronomy 24:5Deuteronomy 24:5Newly weds, relationship, marriage
Those whose actions hurt, break, or damage relationships (among those experiencing unity) in the body of Christ are working against God's will.Proverbs 6:19, Acts 4:32, Ephesians 4:13Proverbs 6:19stewardship, body of Christ, relationship
God is committed to restoring His people to intimate relationship with Himself.Isaiah 1:21-26Isaiah 1:21-26relationship, Intimate with God, restore, committed
Relationships between you and others are important to God.Matthew 18:15Matthew 18:15-35relationship, stewardship
Offenses or sins against a friend damages or can break a relationship.Matthew 18:15Matthew 18:15-35relationship, stewardship
Christ-followers are exhorted to seek and give forgiveness in order to heal or restore relationships.Matthew 18:21-35Matthew 18:15-35relationship, stewardship
When a sinĀ or offense has come to you from a friend, (1) go alone and tell him the offense - if he agrees and repents, forgive him - restoring the relationship, (2) if he does not agree with you, take two or three others and tell him his sin or offense - if he agrees, forgive him - restoring the relationship, (3) if he refuses to agree with you, tell the assembly of believers the sin or offense - if he repents, forgive him - restoring the relationship; but if he refuses consider him an unrepentant sinner.Matthew 18:15-17Matthew 18:15-35relationship, stewardship
The stewardship of relationships requires a Christ-follower to be a forgiving person - forgiving those who repent of offenses (sins against you) however many times they repent.Matthew 18:21-22Matthew 18:15-35relationship, stewardship
Those in the body of Christ are to be compassionate and merciful toward those who 'wrong' (offend) them.Matthew 18:27, 33Matthew 18:15-35relationship, stewardship
The forgiveness toward an offender that Christ calls for is a forgiveness 'from the heart' - a sincere, from the inner man forgiveness.Matthew 18:35Matthew 18:15-35relationship, stewardship
Granting forgiveness to an offender who repents restores a relationship, while refusing to grant forgiveness breaks or hinders a relationship.Matthew 18:35Matthew 18:15-35relationship, stewardship
A disciple of Christ needs to ask, 'Who are my mother and brothers and sisters?'Mark 3:31-33Mark 3:31-33Family of God, relationship, disciples
Christ-followers are related to one another in Christ.Mark 3:33,34Mark 3:34,35in Christ, relationship, believer
Doing God's will in Christ unites each and every Christ-follower in a spiritual relationship.Mark 3:34,35Mark 3:34,353relationship, God's will
Disciples of Jesus are to be servant-minded in all relationships.Mark 9:35Mark 9:35relationship, Servant-minded, disciples
The relationship with God and relationships with others are a Christ-follower's primary assignments.Mark 12:29-31Mark 12:29-31relationship, Relationships, assignment, primary
Those IN CHRIST who remain intimately related to Christ will as a matter of fact toninue to bear fruit - over and over again.John 15:1-5John 15:1-7relationship, in Christ, Christ-followers
God binds hearts between yielded teacher and yielded receivers of the Word.Acts 20:36-38Acts 20:36-38single-mindedness, relationship, teaching
God can produce great love and friendship between a teacher of the Word and receptive audience - so much so that parting company can bring real tears flowing by all present.Acts 20:37-38Acts 20:37-38teaching, relationship, fellowship
Disciple makers at heart (called by God) are always trying to connect with disciples - wherever they find them.Acts 21:1-4Acts 21:1-6relationship, communication, discipleship
Because the family table (meals) is shared by disciples, family members also connect - wives, sons, daughters, etc.Acts 21:4-5Acts 21:4-5relationship, disciple, family
Through the common call of discipleship - developing Christ-followers - God can raise up warm relationships between fellow-disciples rather quickly.Acts 21:4-5Acts 21:4-5relationship, fellowship, discipleship
Fellow leaders - being used greatly, out front, maybe for years, known among Christ-followers and Spirit-filled - will take opportunity to meet and fellowship when they find themselves in the same area.Acts 21:7-10Acts 21:7-10relationship, fellowship, leaders
Those involved in Christ's Kingdom-building minister to people - not institutions, projects, or goals.2 Timothy 4:19-212 Timothy 4:19-22People, Kingdom, Relationship