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Treasures for 'Refuge'

Those who know and represent God on earth are great places of refuge for those running from trouble or danger.Joshua 20:7, 1 Chronicles 6:57 and 76, 1 Chronicles 7:28Joshua 20:7God's People, Refuge, Christ-followers
Those who humbly trust in God will find Him a Refuge in troubled places and troubled times.Psalm 9:9-10Psalm 9:9-10Humble, Refuge, Those Who Trust God
God's will is that He be a Refuge for His righteous children who trust in Him.Psalm 14:10-13Psalm 14:1-7God's Will, Refuge, Those Who Trust God
The LORD is a refuge for the poor and the oppressed.Psalm 14:6Psalm 14:6Poor, oppressed, God is, Refuge