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Treasures for 'Rebuke'

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God reveals the secret sins of His people to His prophets (spokesmen) so the prophets can speak specifically “God’s Word to the sins.”2 Samuel 12:1-122 Samuel 12:1-12Prophet, Rebuke, Revelation
Disciples may need rebuked.Mark 14:37Mark 14:37rebuke, disciples
Christ-followers who repent of sins and take the right steps of obedience should be encouraged (receive words of) and affirmed by those who rebuked them of the sins.2 Corinthians 7:9-112 Corinthians 7repent, rebuke, obedience
To rebuke or oppose a brother in sin - do so to his face (personally, face to face) with the Word of God and in the grace of God.Galatians 2:11-14Galatians 2God's Word, rebuke, confront
When an elder is accused by two or three witnesses of a sin and found sinning, that elder whould be rebuked (repremanded severely) in the assembly of believers - so as to raise the awareness of holy awe, respect, and fear toward God.1 Timothy 5:19-201 Timothy 5:17-20elder, rebuke, spiritual leaders